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Support and assistance
The reliability and the rapidity of our telephonic and online support service

We offer the reliability and the rapidity of a customized telephonic and online support service thanks to the competence of our technical experts that connect in real time to the user PC in remote support to follow the customer in every step when it comes to use ArredoCAD.  

Download Quick Support


Dinamica Software offers its customers this basic support for free in order to solve technical issues related to program installation and execution.


You are entitled to ask for support not only when it comes to solve technical issues but also for questions related to specific features and funсtioning of the software.


This is the complete support package that includes also the possibility to update the latest release of ArredoCAD Designer (technical updates, new features, new inserted elements etc.).

Technical Features ArredoCAD

Video manual und self-learning tutorial.

Multiple rooms floor plans design (room wall partitions, non-standard sized rooms, round walls).

Import of floor plans in DXF, DWG 2D, JPEG and PNG.

Modern and traditional archives of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, furniture accessories etc..

Archives size customization with possibility of saving unlimited configuration tabs (one for each producer / model).

Element size customization (width, depth, height).

Colours and materials archives (wood, glass, laquered, metal, RAL colours, NCS colours, etc.).

Floors and wall coverings archive (ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, decorations, wood floors, wallpaper).

Floors and wall coverings layout management .

New floors and wall coverings import (jpg, bmp, png).

Import of new material textures (jpg, bmp, png).

Materials Archive management for grouping files into categories.

Manual change of colors / materials of one element components .

Materials features editing.

Import Project function to join together two or more projects.

Virtual navigation within the scene.

Photorealistic rendering with D-Ray.

Photorealistic panoramique Rendering with the possibility to move 360° inside the scene like in a virtual reality.

Perspective or axonometric 3D views.

OpenGL, Ray Tracing and Radiosity rendering.

Possibility to activate the POV export Plug-in to export projects to PovRay.

DXF 2D/3D, 3DS, VRML 2.0, PLT, SKP formats export.

Lighting management (sunlight, spot, quadlight): automatic and manual insertion, light colour and intensity setting.

3D BASIC Solid Modeller Designer to create new elements.

Creation of new elements from existing ones.

Explode element option to modify or delete furniture components.

Join block option to create a new element from different components.

User Archive for saving new elements (created, imported or modified elements).

Handles change and generic automatisms on single elements.

Automatic calculation of non-standard sized kitchens.

Elements automatic cutting in case of columns, mansards etc.

Design technical prints automatic making (floor plans, elevation views, 3D views, top holes, non-standard size elements etc.) with customized logo.

Manual calculation of project elevations for prints or layout with Smart|Print.

Technical prints export (JPEG, PDF and WMF).

Smart|Print function to group multiple prints on the same sheet.

Customizable orders sending toward store management software.

Possibility to activate the Virtual Tour Designer (Virtual Reality).

Possibility to activate the VideoPath Plus Plug-in for creating movies.

Possibility to activate the 3DStudio and Sketchup files importing Plug-in.

Possibility to activate the ImagePlus Plug-in.

Possibility to activate the Material Packs.

Possibility to activate the SlideShow Plug-in.

Possibility to activate the Connect|System Plug-in.

Memo|List function to match producers codes and prices to the elements of ArredoCAD

Hardware Requirements


Processore Intel Pentium IV *
Memoria RAM 2 GB
Scheda Video dedicata 1 GB RAM
Lettore DVD
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit o sup.
20 GB di spazio su disco

* Per processori AMD si rende necessaria una verifica tecnica preliminare.


Processore Intel i7 di ultima generazione
Memoria RAM 6/12 GB
Scheda Video dedicata 2/4 GB RAM
Lettore DVD
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit o superiore
Hard Disk SSD
20 GB di spazio su disco


Boot camp
Realizzando una partizione e installando Windows 7 64-bit o superiore (consigliato)

Parallels Desktop
Installando Windows 7 64-bit o superiore come macchina virtuale (non consigliato)

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