Schools, institutes and academies: a win-win partnership

ArredoCAD has collaborated with learning and training institutions for years. Generations of designers lay down the basis for their future careers studying with ArredoCAD.

The 3D software for design courses

The 3D software for design courses


Some of the best interior design schools (private or public) become our partners, offering an essential tool to be used during interior design and architectural courses, thus helping learners build necessary skills to enter the design world as qualified professionals of the sector. Students learn to use ArredoCAD and create high impact projects and high quality renderings from the get-go.

Offer your students the tools for successful career

Offer your students the tools for successful career


Some of the most prestigious Italian companies that stand for Italian design in the world use ArredoCAD, making it the leading software in Italy and abroad, a trusted software amongst interior designers, architects, furniture showrooms and home staging professionals. In the complex line of work of graphic design where transforming your ideas into 3D projects is a necessary requirement, ArredoCAD becomes a fundamental tool in preparing students for the ever competitive job market.

How does the partnership work?

The partnership is customized according to the specific needs of the school and it can include:

Installation of ArredoCAD Designer in the PCs used in the schools

Free licenses for students so that they can use ArredoCAD outside the school premises.

Teachers’ training

Technical support

Schools and academies that have chosen ArredoCAD

Listed below you can see some institutes that use ArredoCAD during their design courses:

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