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The software for creating virtual museums and exhibitions.

Arredocad is the ideal software for creating virtual museums and exhibitions that can be visited online at any time. Thanks to advanced functions and to the full range of options available it is possible to recreate museum spaces, galleries, archives and art collections

The success of these virtual tours of exhibitions and museums is an important added value in promoting and highlighting the artistic and cultural heritage. The possibility of visiting exhibitions without limits of space and time allows a more widespread diffusion of culture in order to reach a larger audience. A crucial advantage in making works of art accessible online while at the same time promoting visits in person.

With over 20 years of experience in the planning of 3D environments, ArredoCAD allows creating extraordinarily accurate and complete virtual tours of exhibitions reproducing the areas in a museum or a gallery. Users can walk through the rooms and admire works of art comfortably from home and from all over the world. The digital contents can be updated easily and the project can be shared online or on social media.

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To create a virtual exhibition means breaking new ground in a field which was once accessible only in person. The aesthetic experience changes thanks to new way of approaching art and a greater personal freedom. With the virtual tour of an exhibition created by ArredoCAD, users can visit an exhibition, a gallery or a private collection with just a few clicks. They can move from one space to the next as they would by visiting in person or they can follow a thematic tour of the works of art on display. The user can interact with the items on display enlarging them to admire the details or read any texts and explanations.

During the virtual tour of the exhibition users can use the 360° panoramic view as if they were inside the museum. They can enjoy an extraordinary experience exploring the exhibition using Virtual Reality. An immersive and exciting trip to admire works of art feeling as if they were visiting the exhibition in person.

ArredoCAD makes art and culture accessible for those who cannot visit an exhibition in person or are too far away. Furthermore, the creation of a virtual exhibition increases the importance and visibility of the events and. A valuede chance for both the most popular museums and the lesser known collections, artists and cultural heritage in order to be seen by the public.

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With ArredoCAD you have all the necessary instruments to promote art

Find out how to create an online exhibition with ArredoCAD


Starting from the measurement of spaces and observing photographs of the furniture in a museum or in a gallery, it is possible to reproduce it in details, with the same colors, textures and lighting.


The rendering of ArredoCAD with panoramic view allows users to view the rooms of the virtual exhibition at 360° in a high render quality. A subjective perspective that perfectly reproduces the live one.


Visitors can walk through rooms and corridors and move from one space to the other by using the mouse and the commands on the screen. Works of art can be arranged in themes as they are in real life.

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