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How to sell luxury homes with a high definition render

Creating a virtual restyle that makes any living space more attractive with no costs

ArredoCAD is an invaluable resource for home staging and real estate companies that appreciate its flexibility and its vast furnishing libraries. In particular, home staging is a growing industry because it allows to sell properties much more quickly. With ArredoCAD the professional home designers can quickly create a virtual restyle that makes any living space more attractive showing changes and options in no time, virtually refurbishing and moving elements, design items and pictures to insert new ones, as well as changing the color of curtains or floors and so on.

The capability to virtually refurbish the property is the ideal solution to saving time and reducing costs remarkably. High quality renderings of the restyled spaces are ready in no time and can be sent to potential clients, published on your website or on social networks.

Real estate companies too are showing more and more interest in using professional design software like ArredoCAD. You can get that competitive advantage through the use of high quality 3D renderings ready in no time, and by showing potential clients the property to sell at its best, creating a total and virtual restyling of the property. ArredoCAD is so easy and intuitive that real estate agents can learn to use in no time since no specific professional qualifications as interior designer or in the field of 3D designing are required.

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When working with very demanding clients and luxury properties that are expensive but not visually appealing and sometimes in very bad conditions, simple photos are not really effective and in some cases even detrimental. On the contrary, if you reproduce and modify living and outdoor spaces using ArredoCAD, you can present an impression of how the property could look to potential clients in a much more attractive way. Whether you want to sell or rent properties, securing viewings and highlighting the full potential of the estate are key to your business.

Thanks to the plug-in of ArredoCAD Virtual Tour you can show a house or a villa turning your 3D project into a high impact virtual tour and 360° panoramic renderings of each room. It allows to reduce remarkably the visits paid to the house and you can use any device to navigate into the project (smart phones, tablets etc.) as well as send it to potential clients or publish it on your website or social networks through a link.

Your presentation becomes even more effective and exciting: in a few seconds you can export the project created with ArredoCAD into the visor Oculus Rift to be visualized in Virtual Reality. In only a few minutes the client will be able to visit several houses walking virtually through them and freely moving from one room to another.

These modern presentation tools (high quality render, 360° panoramic render, Virtual Tour and Virtual Reality) are an essential marketing resource for the real estate market. ArredoCAD, the software for home staging and real estate companies, allows to sell a house quickly and easily, saving time and reducing costs thanks to virtual home restyle.

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ArredoCAD provides unique tools to speed up your work

ArredoCAD has several automatic functions that allow you to save a considerable amount of time.


Elements like worktops, plinths, backsplashes, household appliances, electrical, gas and water systems are automatically inserted by the program. Moreover, ArredoCAD calculates and measures cutting and adaptation of oddly shaped elements.


Tiling, covering and baseboards are automatically laid down and cut where there are doors, windows or openings. For every room ArredoCAD supplies you with detailed quantity and measurement of surfaces, volumes, covering material inserted, scraps and stored material.


Once the project has been completed, ArredoCAD automatically creates the corresponding technical prints and quotations of plans, elevations, plinth and top diagrams, with indications for the holes of the sink and the hob. It also creates a list of the items inserted into the design project for a quick quotation.

We got to know ArredoCAD in 2017 because in our opinion it is relevant to create the base for emotional selling regarding real estates and we needed to maximize their potential. Thanks to this program and to the right project, we let our customers dream showing them the potentiality of the building.


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