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Case History - Botto Real estate

Borgosesia (VC), Italia

Real estate agency Botto

Working field
  • Real estate agency
Interviewed person
  • Dott.ssa Stefania Bertone - Resp. for communication and marketing
  • Immobiliare Botto S.r.l.
  • Via V. Veneto, 13, 13011 Borgosesia (Vc) - Italia
  • Ph.. +39 392 7435286
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • www.immobiliarebotto.it
  • fb: @immobiliarebotto
  • instagram: @ai_botto
  • youtube: agenzia immobiliare botto
Company logo

What does your company do
We have been real estate agents for 8 years, but we are not like other agencies: Our services are thought to take care of the smallest details let the customer making an amazing experience during our collaboration, we like that our customers feel at home: Comfortable, happy and cosy. Our professionals have a very long experience but they are used to attend training and updating course, that increase empathy and the relation between parties.

When and why did you decide to use ArredoCAD
We got to know ArredoCAD in 2017 because in our opinion it is relevant to create the base for emotional selling regarding real estates and we needed to maximize their potential. Thanks to this program and to the right project, we let our customers dream showing them the potentiality of the building.

Which are the advantages that ArredoCAD has brought to your company
Thanks to the possibility to create photorealistic renders we are able to show one flat/house in the best possible way, and this means that there are more possibilities to sell them more rapidly.

Which are the strongest points of ArredoCAD in your opinion
As to our experience, the function  to draw furniture to put in the project is extremely useful; the libraries are very useful and they are very good equipped and obviously the main strong point is the quality of photorealistic renders. 

Use renders created with ArredoCAD to promote your company
Sure, the use of the renders to support the sale of our products is the feather in the cap of our agency.