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Present your project for contract furniture in a professional way

360° panoramic renderings and Virtual Tour to meet any customization need.

For companies and design studios that are looking for the best 3D software to present them and their projects for contract furniture, ArredoCAD has been the software of choice for more than 20 years as one of the most advanced and complete solutions used for rendering and design. The contract world is an incredible opportunity to grow and expand on new markets. Important orders include design and furnishing of residential houses, hotels, shopping centres, airports, museums and universities etc. It is a complex sector made up of several professionals and competitors where the way you stand out, present your projects and the tools you use make all the difference.

With ArredoCAD you can present your clients a high impact and quality previews. You can manage and set artificial and sun light in the project creating impressive rendering with different light effects. The vast product library with more than 30,000 materials and elements, to which you can add imported objects from Sketchup and 3DStudio or in Dwg 3D and Obj formats, allows to design and furnish any type of building  and to show the same project with different variants. For this reason many professionals consider ArredoCAD the best 3D software for contract furniture.

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With ArredoCAD you can present to your clients a wide range of solutions to choose from in order to satisfy any customization desire. Once you have drawn a room, for example a hotel room, you can create different design solutions and styles in no time as you can see in the 5 rooms shown in the example, changing materials, finishing, coverings and design items.

With the use of the 360° panoramic rendering function integrated in ArredoCAD and  high quality you can make a virtual tour within the project. Through a link the client will be able to navigate inside the scene using any kind of device (pc, tablet, smart phone etc.). The Virtual Reality offers you an even more amazing experience through the visor Oculus Rift: this way the client can be plunged into the scene in 360° and almost touch the custom solutions. All this and more make ArredoCAD the best software in the market for contract furniture.

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ArredoCAD provides unique tools to speed up your work

ArredoCAD has several automatic functions that allow you to save a considerable amount of time.


Elements like worktops, plinths, backsplashes, household appliances, electrical, gas and water systems are automatically inserted by the program. Moreover, ArredoCAD calculates and measures cutting and adaptation of oddly shaped elements.


Tiling, covering and baseboards are automatically laid down and cut where there are doors, windows or openings. For every room ArredoCAD supplies you with detailed quantity and measurement of surfaces, volumes, covering material inserted, scraps and stored material.


Once the project has been completed, ArredoCAD automatically creates the corresponding technical prints and quotations of plans, elevations, plinth and top diagrams, with indications for the holes of the sink and the hob. It also creates a list of the items inserted into the design project for a quick quotation.

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