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ArredoCAD Experience

Read what professionals that chosen ArredoCAD say about the software.

The best way to present the potential of ArredoCAD is to report what users say. In this section you find opinions, experiences, comments, and cases history of many professionals who chosen ArredoCAD for their work. Find out what they tell about creating 3D interior design projects, furnishing and home staging spaces with ArredoCAD. Words and tips that can inspire professionals working in any field in which ArredoCAD can be used.

Case History - Tuttointerni

ArredoCAD is an application that offer many advantages; according to our working experience, I would say the possibility to use a series of tools like virtual tour, panoramic rendering or the creation of videos that allow us to fully meet the needs of our customers.


Case History - Botto Real estate

We got to know ArredoCAD in 2017 because in our opinion it is relevant to create the base for emotional selling regarding real estates and we needed to maximize their potential. Thanks to this program and to the right project, we let our customers dream showing them the potentiality of the building.


Case history - Meozzi Mobili

We started to use ArredoCAD in 2010 mainly to use just one tool capable to substitute the various software provided by furniture producers. From the beginning, ArredoCAD seemed to us the best interior design software because it combines perfectly technical precision and easiness.


Home Staging

"ArredoCAD allows us to provide our customers with virtual home staging projects and renderings showing the final result after remodeling. This allows to sell more real estate or to offer a higher level of customization to customers in case of purchase."


Ako Design Center

"The customers of our showroom in Brooklyn appreciate the variety of design solutions we offer.
They are able to see within minutes the renderings of our kitchens and any changes according to their wishes."


Asian Modular Services

Thus it is appreciated by all and it certainly added a strong point to my presentation, thereby giving added advantage of kitchens / projects conversion ratio in my favour. Lot of customization is possible and import of material options is easily possible.


CNS Residences

"We have two ArredoCAD licenses and since 2017 we have been using the software to promote our projects at best. The fast and high quality rendering allows us to show clients a photoreal preview of the building to be constructed."



"ArredoCAD helps us throughout the sales process. The quick and easy rendering engine is perfect for us, whereas the updated library of famous brands, models and finishes complete our projects with the latest fashion trends."


Shontae interiors

"We produce luxury kitchens and wardrobes and we have 5 ArredoCAD licenses. With ArredoCAD we were able to increase sales thanks to the high-quality rendering.
This is the ideal tool to promote our business."



We developed the first project with ArredoCAD in 2018. We were interested in this software because of its potential in terms of design versatility and 3D rendering quality.


Annalisi Zini - Architect

We have been using ArredoCAD for several years now and during this period it has been an essential tool for our work. It is a fast tool to use in all the phases of the project.


Gianmarco Miano Interior Designer

"ArredoCAD is a highly sophisticated tool, offering a complete range of design functions. Using this software it is possible to turn ideas into real design projects for companies effectively interfacing with them."


Ballarini Interni Srl

"The quick design allows us to save time and, above all, to immediately provide customers with a preview of the design project. Presenting your project through a very quick and powerful rendering is an advantage because you can show your customer the same project with alternative modifications."


We purchased an ArredoCAD licence in 2011 and since then we have been using it. Therefore one of the main advantages of ArredoCAD is the possibility to fully customize the design items available in the software.