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If you are a designer, a decorator or an architect, use ArredoCAD to design the bedroom area in a few minutes and in great detail. The most popular design software in Italy allows you to create a high quality rendering for any project very quickly. Create the technical drawing you have in mind easily and quickly, select elements from a large library and customize using the specific software. ArredoCAD allows choosing from among the most prestigious Italian design brands to make your bedroom solution even more appealing. Explore thousands of design and finishing options, change colors, measurements and types of material according to your needs and draw the ideal bedroom for your customer.

ArredoCAD makes your designing work easier and provides you with a valued marketing tool to show customers your projects. For this reason ArredoCAD is the ideal software for all interior design professionals that would like to present their solutions in a realistic and appealing way.

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With the modular elements of the ArredoCAD libraries, you can customize your bedroom project very easily. From the master bedroom to children’s bedrooms, you can create exclusive solutions with plenty of details. In addition to choosing furnishing elements and finishes from the virtual catalog you can modify them and create your own catalogs to make your solution unique. You can share very high definition renderings with customers to show a preview of your proposed design. 360° panoramic rendering turns each project into reality even before completing the project and your customer can navigate inside the scene. Your portfolio becomes an exciting experience, and quotations are very easy to draw up.

ArredoCAD also offers the automatic calculation of elements and materials. An important support to estimate project costs and provide your customers with all the necessary information to carry out the project. Request your free trial and find out all the functions of ArredoCAD. Make your work easier with a highly professional software.

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ArredoCAD provides unique tools to speed up your work

ArredoCAD has several automatic functions that allow you to save a considerable amount of time.


Elements like worktops, plinths, backsplashes, household appliances, electrical, gas and water systems are automatically inserted by the program. Moreover, ArredoCAD calculates and measures cutting and adaptation of oddly shaped elements.


Tiling, covering and baseboards are automatically laid down and cut where there are doors, windows or openings. For every room ArredoCAD supplies you with detailed quantity and measurement of surfaces, volumes, covering material inserted, scraps and stored material.


Once the project has been completed, ArredoCAD automatically creates the corresponding technical prints and quotations of plans, elevations, plinth and top diagrams, with indications for the holes of the sink and the hob. It also creates a list of the items inserted into the design project for a quick quotation.

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