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ArredoCAD is a kitchen design software particularly popular among thousands of kitchen designers.

ArredoCAD is a kitchen design software particularly popular among thousands of kitchen designers. The library dedicated to Kitchen is extremely vast and contains more than 8000 customizable elements, guaranteed to help realize your design ideas. Sixty different types of doors, updated according to the most recent market trends, can be matched to kitchen cabinets. Designers can this way draw any type of kitchen and satisfy the taste and the needs of any of their clients. ArredoCAD is the ultimate kitchen design software developed for designers who recognize the importance of involving the client during the early stages of the project. The 3D high quality renderings of a modern kitchen or a traditional or masonry one where the characteristics of each are clearly displayed, play a vital role when you are trying to win a new client.  

What distinguishes ArredoCAD is that you can reproduce the models of any manufacturer without using different programs provided by different producers. You can draw thousands of kitchens with one tool and design your clients’ dream kitchen in only 15 minutes. It is possible to import directly projects in SKP format created with the main software supplied by manufacturers to create quotations and orders. In this way the projects will not have to be created again with ArredoCAD and you will be able to present them through high quality renders or 3D high resolution virtual tours that can be navigated with 360° view or imported into a project of a whole house with other rooms.

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For more than 20 years ArredoCAD has been used by the best kitchen designers in the world. The accumulated insight and the experience gained has made possible the development and the boost of unique working tools, easy to use and apply when designing a new kitchen, and time saving while you are involved in the process of doing so.

  • Dedicated configurators make it possible to modify standard measures according to those used by any manufacturing company and allow you to save every new configuration for future projects.
  • Automatic calculation of oddly shaped elements like base units, wall units, worktops and plinths
  • Automatic insertion of worktops, plinths, backsplashes and household appliances
  • Automatic creation of electrical, gas and water systems with the measures of the constraints

With these tools you can realize a 3D project of a kitchen in only a few minutes, showing it to your clients in real time. A reassuring presentation that can easily be customized according to their needs. A sort of “kitchen planner” that allows you to modify colors, materials or the types of doors all within the reach of a click, amazing your clients by acting like in an interactive catalog. When quick and easy to use meets excellent quality and outstanding 3D renderings it is ArredoCAD that gets you covered. The ideal kitchen design software for all professionals working in this sector.

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ArredoCAD provides unique tools to speed up your work

ArredoCAD has several automatic functions that allow you to save a considerable amount of time.


Elements like worktops, plinths, backsplashes, household appliances, electrical, gas and water systems are automatically inserted by the program. Moreover, ArredoCAD calculates and measures cutting and adaptation of oddly shaped elements.


Tiling, covering and baseboards are automatically laid down and cut where there are doors, windows or openings. For every room ArredoCAD supplies you with detailed quantity and measurement of surfaces, volumes, covering material inserted, scraps and stored material.


Once the project has been completed, ArredoCAD automatically creates the corresponding technical prints and quotations of plans, elevations, plinth and top diagrams, with indications for the holes of the sink and the hob. It also creates a list of the items inserted into the design project for a quick quotation.

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