Do you need help? Contact our Support Service

Open a ticket to be contacted by the support service

To receive support even easier, you can rely on the ticket service of ArredoCAD. No matter what your support plan is, you just have to click on the link below to be contacted by the support team to receive help with ArredoCAD.

When you contact us, please give us the Customer Code that you find on the License sheet or click on the menu of ArredoCAD (Help → About → Customer Code).

To solve the problems related to the installation or the execution of ArredoCAD, support is free. Customers that purchased the Advanced or the Premium Support Pack can also receive assistance to use the specific functions of ArredoCAD. For more detailed and complete information about how to use the software watch the Video manual or register for the ArredoCAD Academy courses.

Do you need support? Open a ticket

During Assistance you could be asked to download a software to allow the remote connection to our PC using one of these links below:

> TeamViewer support
> AnyDesk support