Creativity, innovation and technology: these are the main areas of experimentation explored by Desalto, developing a brand new concept where the aesthetic aspects go beyond the comfort zone to conceive a new interpretation of elegant living. Among tailor-made details and sophisticated design with a twist of cosmopolitan flair, the key factor to understand this new design concept is a continuous fusion of form and content carefully merging into each other.
Since the 50s, Desalto has created and designed their products in line with the wood craft tradition of Brianza, one of the most prestigious manufacturing districts in Italy, where any detail is extremely precious and cared for. The Orsenigo family, owner of Desalto presents products that are the interesting results of creativity and minimalism, where the design is pure, essential and sober.
Desalto narrates alternative design solutions that offer unique forms of communication and sharing, working in the field of contract furniture and private customers. Decoration and design items, particularly the ones related to chairs and tables, are able to combine advanced technology with the finest Italian design. The results are exclusive and unique to the needs of the end-customer. Customization is the leitmotif of all exclusive projects developed by Desalto thus facing the most demanding challenges of an increasingly competitive globalized market, enforcing the growing success of Italian design all over the world.

The most important contract projects for the foreign market

Red Bull Ring Spielberg is more than a 4.318 race circuit made of 900 tons of steel. A true symbol of a futuristic construction, it hosts and interesting working area and a multifunctional event center that can turn into a congress area and a media center when hosting events for Formula 1, and where dynamic and versatile spaces are combined with a sober yet sophisticated comfort.
Sand, the iconic chair created by Dondoli e Poggi for Desalto, was the perfect object to be revisited as contract furniture item, since it has always represented the indissoluble bond between aesthetics and functionality. If it is true that chairs tell the history of design, Sand becomes the light, solid and comfortable main character of a tale in which the most advanced technology meets the unique craftsmanship of Brianza. This chair can be integrated fairly well in modern spaces making them look solid and sober, almost essential.


Optimizing and organizing space using nuances. This seems to be the central theme of the famous project for Aichi Gakuin University of Nisshin in Japan. For this project Desalto had to outline the Japanese philosophy of essentiality using a new version of the chair Riga+Lisbona, an object able to create a leitmotif through private and public space. The result is a lunch area in which you can experience a sort of metaphysic and religious atmosphere, organized according to functional criteria and socialization.


“Be part of the drama” this is the sentence you can read on the home page of Ascot Arena in London. That is the virtual password that inspired Desalto to develop the project of the famous British racecourse complex. This building is not only the location where the horse races take place. Over 300 halls for meetings and conferences were made available after a functional transformation of the building thanks to the use of the chair Sand, a design item characterized by a versatile style that can be successfully integrated and can adapt well to the sober and simple style of the space. In this case too, Sand was the solution standing for pure lines and colors. No exagerated decorations or overstatements. The Project of Desalto for Ascot Arena added a linear element defining proportions and balancing space. A new place for architecture and design to meet.
That’s not all when it comes to important projects for this Italian company. Here you can visit the Gallery and the company website showing customers and professionals of the design sector coming together, led by a leitmotif that pass throughout Europe until Asia and beyond.

Desalto and ArredoCAD: the collaboration based on similarities and inspiration

Increasing Exports towards the USA outlined an ongoing successful story that has not slowed down. In 2017 the data reported that there is a high growth potential, showing an increase of 25% in the month of January. This very encouraging figure turned the US market into the third importing country for Italian design products. This trend lead Desalto and ArredoCAD to offer to the US market customized solutions that had already proven to be successful in the Italian market.
ArredoCAD and Desalto believe that the US market customers are ideal partners to work with and professionals such as architects and designers really appreciate Italian design, incorporating it in the aesthetics and the fine details of their work. Working with customers of the high-medium segment and design solutions capable to represent them and their uniqueness creates the ideal conditions for a tailored project. Being unique is the motto of more and more demanding customers, for example people living and working in cosmopolitan and innovative big cities, like New York or Miami. The high rendering quality offered by ArredoCAD is the key to get in touch with top professionals and work on those essential tailor-made design solutions.

ArredoCAD and the partnership with the most prestigious Italian brands

Creativity and visualization go hand in hand as necessary and complementary one another generating enormous value and potential to design projects. They allow a project to go beyond its two-dimensionality. ArredoCAD allows worldwide famous interior designers to use Italian prestigious products for their projects when planning and visualizing their design solutions. The products of Desalto, as well as other prestigious Italian companies like Cattelan, Molteni, Flos, Duravit and Garofoli among others, are available in the 3D libraries of ArredoCAD to make the best use of the enormous potential of the 3D world applied to design. The tools and the resources available in the program allow to design any room according to Italian unique design style!