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Design Trends

Fashion colors for interior design 2020

Getting to know the new trendy colors of 2020 for the interior design sector is like taking a journey through a fascinating kaleidoscope, into modernity and nostalgia, the past and present. Different shades of pastel mix harmoniously to create surrealist and futuristic effects, yet familiar and cozy.

This is the new fascinating trend launched by Pantone where metal and pastel colors are the leitmotiv for interior design 2020. We could safely say that this trend is indeed inspired by themes and initiatives in line with recent vast environmental awareness movements and that when it comes to int...

Design Trends

Feng shui Design: the perfect home and the wellbeing in your living space

An interior designer has a great responsibility not only in creating a functional environment where the client can live comfortably, but also in assuring a level of wellbeing connected to this space. Time spent at home should offer all the right conditions to recharge your energy and that’s why knowing Feng shui practice and philosophy can be very helpful for interior designers.

Feng Shui is a practice originating from ancient China and it is vastly known and applied in the interior design world. Every professional should know how to make the best use of Feng Shui according to the needs, spac...

Design Trends

Marketing for Interior Design: How to Make an Impression on Houzz

Want to be successful in freelance interior design? Marketing is key, and designers have to do more than just get their names out there. Experienced designers know that their success relies upon their reputation, what they’re known for and the impressions they make to potential clients. Getting their best work in front of the people who will appreciate and feel drawn to hire them takes a carefully cultivated strategy of timing, placement, and appearance.
Fortunately, many tools exist to help interior designers accomplish exactly that. From sophisticated 3D rendering software such as ArredoCAD ...

Design Trends

Kitchen with central island: impress your clients with stunning new design ideas

The kitchen with central island has become an ever favorite popular option in the field of interior design. An island unit has a lot to bring to the kitchen design. They are versatile and modern, providing the ideal solution to combine esthetical and functional aspects.

Design Trends

New design ideas and renderings to furnish a cozy B&B

Here you can see several 3D renderings on how interior designer Luciana Cavazza has planned and remodeled, to the required standards, an Italian country house where some apartments are used as B&B bedrooms.

Design Trends

Home Staging? ArredoCAD!

Stupisci i tuoi clienti presentando gli ambienti in modo accattivante.

Design Trends

Why you should choose a black kitchen

Amaze your customers with the elegance of black.

Design Trends

How to furnish and decorate a living room with style

Decorate a living room with style, elegance and design.

Design Trends

How to position light sources in a room

Creating harmony in the lighting design of your house.

Design Trends

6 Social Media for Architects and Interior Designers

The most useful Social Media for interior design professionals.

Design Trends

How to decorate and design your house with all white

To decorate with white is one of the latest trends this decade. The space becomes luminous, airy and elegant.

Design Trends

Interior design: Which kind of floor covering do you have to choose?

Choosing the right floor is fundamental in the furnishing of domestic environments.

Design Trends

Child size furniture, the Montessori-style

One of her central ideas was that in the space where children live everything should be within a child’s reach and designed to cater to and foster personal growth.

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