When it comes to creating unique and impressive design projects lighting design is still crucial in 2023. Lighting management in design projects has a vital impact on harmonious space and on the final result of a design project. At Euroluce, the biennial lighting event in its 31st edition at the Salone del Mobile, it is no coincidence that lighting design plays a new role and becomes more complex: it is not merely the definition of light sources anymore but becomes an increasingly versatile and customizable scenic element. In the following article you will read more about the new trends of lighting design 2023 and how to apply them effectively in your design proposals.

Why lighting design is vital to design projects

Before having a look at the lighting design proposals and the new trends in 2023, it is useful to remember the main objective of light management in interior design. Lighting technology and lighting design allow enhancing any space and improving the experience for those who live there regarding both the decorative and the functional aspect. The intensity, the colors and the distribution of light in a living space have a strong psychological and emotional impact and influence visual comfort. So, the lighting management of a design project becomes fundamental to create the desired atmosphere, the personality and the comfort of the different living spaces.

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Lighting design trends 2023: creating through light

The Euroluce 2023 exhibition clearly showed how lighting projects have developed over the last few years opening up to chromatic, material and scenic experimentation. No longer simple lamps, but complex luminous architectures, harmony of light and configurable systems that characterize spaces with a new flair. The trends of Lighting Design 2023 are:

1. Customizable light sources that can be dimmed

Space lighting can now be configured according to the needs of who lives in the house using new technologies to adjust intensity and to choose the ideal lighting for the different moments of the day.

2. Lamps and chandeliers characterized by soft and sinuous lines

The design of the light sources is no longer rigid and squared but becomes softer and enchanting with curvy lines, spirals and luminous waves.

3. The intangible elegance of glass

Glass lamps and chandeliers come back into fashion to create crystal transparency effects as well as a diffused and harmonious lighting of the space.

4. Mesh and metal for modern spaces

Metal meshes for light effects and aluminum bars with LED strips for industrial- style spaces of make them dynamic and light.

5. Sustainability and natural materials

Harmony in space and nature means searching for low environmental impact using natural raw materials like wood, jute, raffia and bamboo.


Which software to use for lighting design and management

Lighting design changes according to space, organization and the activities that will be carried out there, taking into account furniture, materials and textures that characterize it. Every room has different functions and the choice of where to position light sources and the type of ideal lighting will be different accordingly. The creation of a project of lighting design needs specific competences and the appropriate tools for lighting management within a design project. The most advanced software for lighting management in design projects is ArredoCAD Designer thanks to its innovative functions. As a 3D professional design software ArredoCAD allows not only to position light sources in every room in a realistic and accurate way but also to set Kelvin grades for any type of light in order to obtain different light gradation. In this way it is possible to give a preview of fully designed environments evaluating also different options of light intensity.

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