ArredoCAD Virtual Exhibition, the new system for the creation of online museums and virtual exhibitions, was born from our interest in culture and its promotion. The proliferation of virtual museums in Italy offers a wonderful chance for the renewal of art appreciation. Following a period that has clearly exposed the limits of in-person experience bound to opening days and hours, virtual exhibitions offer new opportunities: unlimited access, greater exposure for art works and collections, and online promotion of locations and artists. With twenty years of experience in the field of 3D planning, ArredoCAD has decided to put its technology at the service of art and culture, producing a software that can be used to create exhibitions, museums, galleries, archives, and libraries that can be navigated remotely and have been reproduced down to the tiniest detail.


Virtual Tours of Galleries and Exhibitions: What Are Online Museums?

When we speak of virtual museums, we are speaking of digital, multimedia versions of exhibition halls, works, and documents with different levels of usability. A virtual tour of an online gallery will allow users to visit a digitally reconstructed event by viewing and interacting with it remotely. This way, anyone will be able to visit a show without having to leave their home, simply by using the commands on their computer or device. ArredoCAD Virtual Exhibition allows you to create particularly accurate virtual shows, so much so that you will be able to reproduce all the different environments of a location. This will make for a unique journey through the halls and the themes of places of culture, digitally recreated through superior-quality renders.

How Do Virtual Museums Work?

When you take a virtual tour of a museum or of a gallery created using ArredoCAD, you will be able to enjoy a 360° view of the reconstructed environments. Users will be able to move from one hall to the next, pause to observe one of the works, zoom in to better appreciate the details, and access captions, textual analyses or digital content (such as videos, links to websites, etc.). The interactivity and total freedom make this an absolutely personal and complete esthetic experience. Artists and curators can decide to preserve the conceptual organization of the works devised for the physical exhibition, or design an entirely new experience, and even create an entirely digital exhibition, saving on the cost of the venue and moving the works of art. The exhibition will be available on any device and, for an even more immersive experience, it can be enjoyed in Virtual Reality, using the special VR headset.


What Are the Advantages of an Online Museum?

The creation of virtual museums and shows that can be visited online has many advantages for professionals and public alike:

• Promoting physical events and offering greater exposure
• Enriching the museum-going experience with extra content and analyses
• Creating a broader audience for an event
• Making a show accessible even to those who cannot visit in person
• Freeing exhibitions from the bonds of opening days and hours
• Offering visibility to artists and private collections
• Giving prominence to lesser-known items of our cultural heritage

What’s more, a virtual exhibition can be shared by means of a simple link, both with single recipients or on social media. The success of virtual museums created especially for schools and children proves the potential held by this instrument for the promotion of culture.

How to Create a Virtual Exhibition.

Creating a virtual exhibition with a dedicated software requires 3D designing skills. To meet the needs of museums, curators, and artists who desire to produce a virtual tour of their displays, ArredoCAD has created the Now&Forever project to design virtual exhibitions and galleries tailored to the needs of every single client. In three simple steps, ArredoCAD will create a digital rendering of all the environments, insert the works on display, and produce a 360° virtual tour that can be enjoyed on all devices or by means of a VR headset.

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