Advanced Course on D-Ray material management

Render textures and materials for your interior design projects in the best way possible.

Register for the Advanced course on D-Ray material render of ArredoCAD to learn how to create extremely realistic rendering and how to search and configure textures to optimize your project renderings. An ideal video course to learn how to create professional and eye-catching renderings and make the best use of the potential of ArredoCAD.

2 hours

Giorgia Baglioni

Online Course:
50 €

Who is this advanced course for?

• Students
• Interior designers
• Decorators
• Architects
• Showrooms
• Real estate agencies

The video course requires that you already know and use the basic functions of ArredoCAD. You can watch the video course using any kind of electronic device: PC, Tablet, Smartphone etc., when you are at home or in your office.

You will learn how to:

Manage the techniques to set the best material rendering and customization of your projects during the 2-hour course obtaining unique and extraordinary realistic effects. A valued resource to present your design solutions to your customer.

You will be shown how to:

• Improve material rendering
- level one: basic presets (matt, semi-glossy, glossy, transparent and matt glass)
- level two: material parameters (diffused light, specular reflectivity, roughness and transparence)
- level three: maps (bump, specular, roughness and transparence)
- advanced presets

• Get the textures you need
- searching for more suitable materials on the internet
- creating new textures


Giorgia Baglioni

Giorgia Baglioni

ArredoCAD Expert

Online Course

50 €

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Video Course

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