This project, created with ArredoCAD for the Biblioteca Oliveriana in Pesaro, brings the past to light with the instruments of the future. Ercole Luigi Morselli (1882-1921). Teatro di Posa is the first virtual exhibition hosted by the Musei Oliveriani devoted to the photographic diaries of the famous playwright. Photographs and drawings from the Ercole Luigi Morselli archive are now digitally available: a virtual tour through the locations, the protagonists, and the experiences that bear witness to the artist’s private and public life over the first half of the Twentieth century.

An Extraordinary Journey without Leaving Your Easychair.

Set pictures, family shots, images of the writer and playwright’s travels: from his hometown in Pesaro to Argentina. The Fondo Morselli photographic archive boasts an unusual thoroughness and is a precious asset for anyone studying the Twentieth century, and for culture enthusiasts in general. For this reason, the fact that you are able to access the exhibition via a digital Virtual Tour represents important added value that cancels out distance and restrictions. Both the Library and the Musei Oliveriani intend to adopt this solution for other exhibitions, to share works and documents of artistic and historical import with the public. Ercole Luigi Morselli (1882-1921). Teatro di Posa is the first step in an important digitization process, forward-looking, necessary now more than ever. This is one leg of a vaster project that aims to retrieve and make available a series of photographic archives, offering new possibilities for their appreciation.

A Journey through the Library’s Assets thanks to ArredoCAD’s Virtual Tour.

When you immerse yourself in the virtual tour of the photographic exhibition created using ArredoCAD, you have the impression that you are walking through actual rooms. The tour allows for a 360-degree view and the possibility to zoom in and interact with items in the archive, so you are able to admire the pictures and the documents in greater detail. In fact, all the furnishings were created digitally with the photorealistic rendering of which ArredoCAD is capable, faithfully reproducing in great detail the various rooms that house the exhibition. Online visitors will thus be able to move from one room to another using their mouse and the commands on the screen as they explore the prints on display. But they might also choose to wear a VR visor to enjoy the display in Virtual Reality.

A New Opportunity for Libraries and Museums to Open to the Public.

The example set by the Biblioteca Oliveriana has already inspired other libraries and museums to share their own collections. ArredoCAD’s Virtual Tour is an essential instrument for every kind of exhibition, event, or public venue. The opportunity to display works, objects, and furnishings even when it isn’t possible for the public to be present in person opens up new opportunities for all kinds of events and exhibitions. Furthermore, it represents a unique opportunity for showrooms and interior designers, who will be able to share their locales and their projects in an exhibit that is permanent and always accessible, at any time and from any part of the world.

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