How is a dream born? It comes from a need, an insight or the desire to change your own life and that of the people close to you. No matter how the dream is materialized, the important thing is the courage to follow an unknown path, leading to challenging yourself all the way to your success.

The dream of William Andreani showed potential from the beginning, having what it takes to become successful. Working as a commercial agent in the furnishing sector shaped him as a skilled entrepreneur, careful and curious towards the fast-changing world of business and technology. This work experience turned out to be very precious in terms of understanding what was missing, since the necessary personal aptitude required direct experience in the sector, gathered through working closely with customers.
This successful story started in the 90s, in Pesaro, one of the most important towns for Italian interior design. Through his daily work as a commercial agent, Mr. Andreani got to know the different needs of furnishing manufacturers and resellers. He realized that something important was missing in the design sector, something that could link ideas and reality, imagination and concrete planning.
Working with direct contact in sales, he realizes that a piece of furniture cannot be simply described, explained and sold, but that customers need to visualize it in a realistic space for example in their remodeled kitchen or bathroom. Visualization was indeed key, and what was missing, according to Mr. Andreani, was a tool that allows to take a picture of a potential design arrangement that does not yet exist and help customers to visualize the solutions proposed by resellers and designers, creating compositions and arrangements in line with their needs and desires. In short, a tool able to anticipate the future finished interior design.

The foundation of Dinamica Software

The dream of Mr. Andreani was clear, to find a reliable and efficient tool in order to help furniture manufacturers, designers, architects and space planners combine interior design solutions with precise technical planning. Thanks to the experience of Roberto Loppi and Vittorio Mancini, two established programmers, pioneers in the field of computerized graphics, the dream started to come true. Roberto and Vittorio were able to concretely develop Mr. Andreani’s idea by using innovative algorithms.
Dinamica S.r.l. was founded in 1995. The members of the team put together by Mr. Andreani developed the program that soon became the symbol of the company: ArredoCAD Designer. The first customers were kitchen manufacturers, but as it turned out it was just the beginning of an incredible adventure. When seeds for a great success are planted into fertile ground they will soon bear fruit.

The past

The beginning of the new millennium, finds ArredoCAD a versatile software, able to satisfy the needs of a high demanding market. Thanks to the work of young staff members, among them, leading the company Marco and Claudia Andreani (William´s children), ArredoCAD has changed and developed into a detailed and important instrument capable of satisfying the needs of an increasing number of professionals who rely on ArredoCAD to create designer solutions and high quality renders for their customers.
Today, using ArredoCAD you can design and furnish any kind of space, from a kitchen in a private house to hotel rooms or restaurants in the contract sector as well as office spaces and a lot more. The idea and the dream of William has become e successful story, but he has never forgotten his work experience as a commercial agent that helped him to first visualize and create ArredoCAD.

The present

A family business identity and increasing number of employees, young and careful staff that work with professionalism amaze and win over customers from all over the world, developing brand loyalty as customer satisfaction exceeds expectations.
This definition is our business card, a business that has been able to develop one of the most powerful sales marketing tools available on the market thanks to the collaboration with prestigious partners of the Made-in-Italy design.
A powerful 3D interior design software able to render a scene in 5 minutes cannot entirely replace the fascination of human imagination. On the one side, customers choose among the design solutions proposed by a professional, who on the other, can make the best use of a unique library made up of 30ˈ000 furnishing elements to express creativity and show the best alternatives to the customers.
How to work with lighting, the colors to choose from and how to present different solutions according to the needs and taste of customers looking for that special place where they can work or relax - this is the mission of our company as it offers appealing solutions to customers through efficient tools and a leading technology.
ArredoCAD goes even further: thanks to partnerships and collaborations with the best private and public interior design schools, it has become one of the most popular training tools among young design students, shaping the minds of the future professionals.

The future

Changing and evolving into the future without forgetting how we got there. This is the goal of a company that values the past, understands the present and look forward into future developments. New solutions developed by studying current trends and using new technology, this is what helps ArredoCAD satisfy the needs of its customers who want the best for their business and creativity.
“This is my dream”. William Andreani had an idea, a vision and a dream and he made it all come true.