Furnishing a small bathroom means giving space to creativity, while complying with the mandatory minimum measure and distance requirements. Furnishing a small bathroom needs special attention to make sure that it will be a comfortable and cozy one making the best use of small spaces. The smaller space requires solutions that allow an excellent use of the available space offering at the same time a highly functional bathroom with all comforts. offering at the same time a highly functional bathroom. Here you will find 7 ideas to furnish a small bathroom and make the best use of the available space.

How to furnish small bathrooms playing with design

To achieve the best design when furnishing a small bathroom, it is important to be aware of the effect our choices will have on the final result. The objective is to find solutions to increase the perception of space.Among the design elements to consider there are:

1. Ideal cladding to furnish a small bathroom

Choosing light and luminous colors is the first principle you have to follow for giving the impression that the bathroom is wider than it is in reality. So colors ranging from white to beige, and from sand to cream are ideal for cladding a small bathroom and make it seem wider and bigger. The size of tiles too play a very important role. Big tiles with a homogenous color create a seamless effect increasing the perception of width with smooth surfaces. If small tiles are used it is possible to play with mosaics or to combine different sizes to create 3-dimensional effects.

The materials used for cladding a bathroom will have to ensure hygiene and comfort. Gres porcelain tiles are ideal to avoid mold and bacteria thanks to their non porous texture. In line with new trends it is possible to find gres porcelain tiles with a natural stone effect or with wood veining for a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It is important to insert the finishings chosen for the design proposal, so that the customer can see the effects in the preview. With a professional software like ArredoCAD Designer you have a ArredoCAD Designer you have a library of 3D elements containing more than 15,000 finishes. From floors in wood or ceramic to cladding, from wall paper to products from the most prestigious Italian brands. Once floor or cladding have been laid out you only need a click to change it and show different design solutions to your customer in real time.


2. Focus on an element to furnish a bathroom

Choosing light and neutral colored cladding allows playing with contrasting furnishing elements to capture the attention and make the surrounding space stand out. A particular sink, a niche with a different color, a shower cabin with decorated tiles are possible solutions for an eye-catching corner in which the elements stand out. An optical illusion that enhances the decorated space and allows the bathroom to appear wider.

In the catalogs look carefully for the brands with the right items to find the ideal solutions according to the style of the item and its position in the project. Use a software like ArredoCAD to choose among the 3D furnishing items from the most popular Italian brands for decorating bathrooms to see what your proposal looks like. From sinks to toilets, from bathtubs to accessories, from shower cabins to modular cabinets, available in different colors and materials.


3. Furnishing style that makes the best use of space

The most recent trends for bathrooms offer many furnishing solutions inspired by Art Deco and nature. It is advisable to avoid an eclectic approach when furnishing a small bathroom preferring a minimalistic style that leave surfaces free. Green light to solutions with extractible elements that leave surfaces free. Solutions with extractible elements are ideal for small spaces. Cabinets that contain hidden washing machines and have an essential design help in avoiding the sensation of overcrowding. You can find the right inspiration and style by leafing through the new catalogs of brands and participating in events for the design sector like the International Salone Cersaie in Bologna from 26 to 30 September 2022.

4. Mirrors to double the surface area

A technique that has always been used when furnishing small bathrooms and small rooms in general, is the use of mirrors. The reflection of mirrors is an optical illusion that makes the space seem twice as large. Bathrooms are the ideal rooms for using this option exploiting the incidence of lightand ideal orientation to get the expected results. A 3D preview of the design project in high resolution allows to carefully analyze the position of mirrors in relation to light sources.


5. Bathroom cabinets for small spaces

The choice of space-saving furniture for a small bathroom allows to make the best use of the available space, hide accessories, bathroom products and household appliances. For saving even more space you can choose wall or modular furniture, from cabinets to washbasin furniture. You can also opt to insert some accessories to get a more realistic preview and show the customer how your design solution will look like. Some interior design software has a function allowing the automatic insertion of objects that make this operation easier. With a simple click you can visualize a fully accessorized space and modify it as you like.

6. Lighting for small bathrooms

Light is a wonderful tool to configure space and obtain particular effects. The most recent trends for decorating bathrooms focus on scenic light effect. Ranging from LED light used to shape space and make the best use of volume, to carefully designed light sources in domotic lighting for easy use. Cold light for small bathrooms and shadows, brilliant details and soft light for showers make the best use of the volume of the room. Be especially careful of the shadows that are created: they can make a space cramped and oppressive. If you have ArredoCAD Designer use the function Lighting management to visualize a preview of the light in a scene and decide where to position light sources.


7. Square or rectangular small bathroom

The shape of the bathroom has a big impact on designing and furnishing a small bathroom both in the positioning of sanitaryware and choosing furniture.

How to furnish a small square bathroom

When it comes to furnishing a bathroom, the most important thing to consider is the minimum distances between walls and sanitaryware and between the sanitaryware itself. It is very important to carefully place furniture according to the square layout and only take a decision after having tried several options. For example, you can position a washbasin cabinet in a corner to save space and test if that is the right position for a comfortable use and try to open other cabinets to see if there is enough space . Besides, you can choose small sanitaryware and wall units for a minimal design.

How to furnish a small rectangular bathroom

A small rectangular bathroom offers a wide range of furnishing options. For example the shower tray can be angular, square or rectangular, extending on the longer side. WC and bidet can be positioned on the long side maintaining the mandatory minimum distance. A washbasin with cabinet can be placed on the short side. In this case too sanitaryware and wall cabinets make the best use of space without overcrowding.


A valuable suggestion: transparency of proposal

When it comes to furnish small spaces it is possible that the customer does not have a clear idea of the effect of what he has asked for. The space taken up by the different furnishing items in the desired position, the rendering of colors and textures he prefers can have a different impact from what he expected. To avoid disappointment and major changes it is vital to share doubts and solutions with clarity.

Once your proposal is ready make sure that you can show a high quality preview preview to the customer so that he can get a detailed idea and perceive what kind of atmosphere will be created. If you want to amaze him, you can use a software like ArredoCAD Designer to interact using Real Time Playernavigate in 3D inside your project as in a virtual space. You can open bathroom cabinets and cabinets doors, modify lighting and change finishing and textures in real time, choosing among many options. In this way you can involve the customer and make him interact actively with the project choosing different options and make sure that the result of your presentation will be excellent.

Download the demo of ArredoCAD Designer and try all functions of the software, the most popular 3D design program in Italy.