The Holistic design of living or professional spaces is increasingly becoming a widespread need in the creation of rooms in which wellbeing and balance are crucial characteristics. Creating room atmospheres according to a harmonious mix of elements, in which colors, shapes and materials have an impact on the psyche, needs appropriate and flexible instruments. A design software like ArredoCAD Designer becomes vital in allowing your creativity to flourish and create holistic projects down to the smallest detail.

An empty room is like a blank page: free to imagine

“A common problem for those who design 3D spaces is to allow the intuition to evolve freely. Since the space to be designed is a 2D plan on a spreadsheet, it is difficult to imagine the best solutions to enhance it”, says Nicola Baccaglini, an interior designer specializing in environmental wellbeing and one of the ArredoCAD Academy experts. That is even more true, if the final objective is to make this space a source of wellbeing and interior harmony like in the holistic design. “The ideal thing, in this case, is to start from an empty room, visit it fully and accurately and experience its potential” Baccaglini explains. Thanks to the renderings with panoramic view and the 360° virtual tours of ArredoCAD Designer this is always possible. Also when designers are working in their studios or when, in the space to design and furnish, there are other decorations and furniture, the mind is free to wander without unnecessary distractions. The valuable starting point of an instinct act of pure creation that sees in digital support a chance and not a limitation.


Design interior spaces starting from the atmosphere

A holistic approach to space and to the details that comprise it means understanding interior design in terms of the feelings that it will be able to express. Creating a space able to captivate wellbeing is something more than the “mere” designing of a furnishing solution. It means conveying a mix of emotions and sensitivity through the choice of elements and their position in the space. This is true both for interior designers that supply the final project and for artists and craftsmen that create individual pieces of furniture. A software like ArredoCAD allows the creation of unique design proposals starting from a certain element that inspires the whole atmosphere. Like a color that provides the desired aesthetical atmosphere of which you can see preview thanks to the presentation instruments of the software.

Shapes, colors and materials: play with elements related to environmental wellbeing

Once the topic that inspires the whole project has been identified, you can start creating the holistic environment choosing cladding, furnishing items, materials and finishing. The choice of these elements changes the space to achieve the desired harmonic and relaxing effect. Thanks to a vast library of 3D elements that you can change according to measurements, textures and colors, ArredoCAD allows to visualize any detail of your project. Not only in the available models contained in the catalogs of the most popular Italian brands, but also in furniture and finishing to design from scratch exploiting endless creative possibilities. It is possible to add external photos and several images to the 3D project and evaluate if they fit into the scene or if you need to consider alternative proposals.


Presenting customers holistic spaces with ArredoCAD Designer

As Baccaglini explains “a holistic approach to design has to include the personal sensitivity to create a place of peace and interior harmony. Presenting your ideas to customers is crucial to keep on working on your creative proposal or modify some details”. Moreover conveying the feelings related to an atmosphere is not easy because you and your customers are not directly experienced it. Fortunately ArredoCAD allows presenting a project embedded in a 3D virtual environment in which you can navigate in real time and in high resolution to offer customers a preview as complete and immersive as possible. They can interact with the environment using Real Time Player opening cabinet doors or drawers with a click or modifying colors and textures in real time. For an even more special experience, they can visit the project with virtual reality using a VR Visor and see the preview of wellbeing created for them.

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