Increase the quality and the performance of the new rendering engine

After the success of the D-Lux presentation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where the new rendering engine D-Lux has been showed for the first time, it is now possible to download the new version of the software ArredoCAD 24. Hundreds of new 3D elements, including the lamps of Artemide, but there is no doubt that D-Lux was the most expected.

D-Lux: faster, with a higher quality and light management in real time

It is included in the new version of the software with no additional charges and it has been developed by our technicians exploiting the potential of LuxCoreRender, the unbiased rendering engine with which it is to faithfully reproduce the light phenomena in a scene. Obviously we are speaking about the new rendering engine D-Lux that offers very interesting new functions compared to the currently used D-Ray. It is characterized by a higher calculation performance using both processor (CPU) and graphic card (GPU) unlike D-Ray. The final rendering quality is higher saving time thanks to the extraordinary possibility to adjust, turn on and off light of the project in real time with no data reprocessing. The option to set the point of view directly in the 3D window is very useful, remarkable and it is now synchronized with the new rendering engine. Moreover advanced camera adjustment parameters (exposition, iso, field of depth etc.), colored filters, advanced luminous materials, an integrated material editor and the possibility to use IES fileshave been added to reproduce the effect created by real light sources. Last but not least the Clipping function very useful when it comes to render small spaces through automatic transparency of one of the walls.

Upgrade ArredoCAD 2024 - File IES Image

Not only one render: discover all the functions of the ArredoCAD 2024

The possibility to assign layers to different object groups is vital for comfortable and quick design bearing in mind that the creation of a space with more rooms or entire flats has always been a strength of ArredoCAD. For this reason in the new version the function to match a layer to flooring and cladding has been implemented as well as the one to use the various layers visualizing them with the tree view.

For doors and windows new configuration options have been added including the possibility to set the frame size. These options can be recalled also using the function Element Macro. The management of finishes related to Common accessories has been simplified and re-organized. To adapt to the new market trends a new depth for kitchen cabinets has been added and the Wardrobe configurator has been boosted with the possibility to set the thickness of side panels, tops and cabinet floors, doors and shelves. Moreover, it is possible to use a new visualization of doors, to which 4 new models have been added as well as to open and close them.

Upgrade ArredoCAD 2024 - Cabinet Configurator

An increasingly vaster 3D furniture library

The vast parametric library of ArredoCAD has always been one of the strengths of ArredoCAD. In the new version new valuable elements have been added. The catalogue of Artemide, one of ArredoCAD;s partners, has been updated with the new collection Architectural Indoor as well as new 6 series of the collection Design Collection, for a total amount of 154 new lamps and chandelier. Rimura shows 91 new wall paper models.

Kitchen planers and designers can now use 40 new sinks and 197 ovens, microwaves multibrands have been recently added. To the model “Bathroom” 29 new elements have been added including washbasins, bathtubs and toilets as well as the wooden tops with odd shapes and an integrated squared washbasin with rounded edges.

A brand-new folder dedicated to museums and galleries has been added with 28 elements, like parametric display stands, brochure stands, and accessories. Among the design items you can find 17 plants, 4 TVs and 44 new modern carpets. To the cladding and tiling folder 82 finishes (wooden floors, marble cladding, toiling) have been added.

Download the new ArredoCAD 2024 and start rendering with D-Lux!

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