More than 1000 new design elements to create 3D furnishing plans according to 2021 trends

The 2021 version of ArredoCAD is now available. It is one of the most complete updates in recent years in terms of the 3D element library, to which more than 1000 new design items have been added.

The new partnership with Varaschin is one of the most interesting aspects of the new version. It joins those already contained within the ArredoCAD library, furnishing elements by very popular Italian and international design trademarks. Varaschin was founded in 1969 and it is now a leading company in the production of outdoor furniture and design items. Artisan skills and modern design combine to offer unique results. Furthermore, this is the first time that ArredoCAD collaborates with a manufacturer of outdoor furnishing and design items. Designers, architects and space-planners can choose from among 370 new outdoor elements like chairs, armchairs, sofas, daybeds, tables, umbrellas and gazebos, to make their design solutions more attractive and unique. This confirms the versatility of ArredoCAD, increasingly used for interior and outdoor design.

350 new design items have been added to the Cattelan Italia catalogue, one of the most important ArredoCAD partners. These include tables, desks, lamps, consoles and stools. Edra too, has added 40 new design items to its’ library while Skinwall presents 50 brand new wallpaper patterns. In the “Shared accessories” file you can find 52 new low stools and 2 new standing wash basins. There has been a considerable update to kitchen models with the addition of complete components for transitional style doors with frames, with the function to automatically create worktops flush with the doors, which are increasingly trendy.

New functions allowing for less time-consuming design

One of the new functions offered by ArredoCAD 2021 is used in the creation of partition walls. A simple click on the starting wall will immediately set the distance of the partition wall from the other walls and create it. There is also the option of making existing walls transparent and thus optimize the visualization of the underlying imported plan.

There are many new features for designing floors and wall coverings with new laying schemes for herringbone and Hungarian chevron parquet and for random wooden floorboards, using a specific interface. It is now also possible use the functions to quickly modify the inclination of the floor joint or to align the flooring of two rooms without having to insert them again.


The management of measurements has been optimized both during manual inserting and also with the new option for the automatic creation of measurements in series by clicking on more areas consecutively. New functions are available also for the RealTime Player 2.0 to which a new spectacular special water effect was added as well as the possibility of managing the material transparency maps. The Virtual Tour, an additional Plugin at an extra charge, shows a new way of grouping project scenes, the “Search scene/project” function, and the optimization of the insertion of informative images.

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