Creating an excellent interior design mood board is key to a successful proposal. The new version 2022.5 of ArredoCAD Designer has introduced a new mood board concept in collaboration with Giorgia Donini, project manager and founder of the platform for vocational training MEM (Mind Emotion Movement. No traditional mood boards anymore but real Lifeboards that represent the identity and the narration of self to create spaces and make them an extension of those who live there. A unique innovative instrument for a proposal that takes into account the most important aspect of living: the human experience.

What should an effective mood board contain?

When it comes to creating an interior design mood board, design items are inserted into the project according to a concept that has always had a vital role. According to the Lifeboards proposed by Giorgia Donini, it is not longer only current trends, materials and colours that set the rules. The relationship with space becomes deeper and more personal. It is characterized by life experiences, images and perceptions resulting from the specific needs and feelings of the customers which emerged during conversations and interviews. The traditional mood board is enriched by objects, materials, key words and impressions that recall joyful and important moments of life. A subtext that goes through time creating a space in which you can feel welcome as well as appreciated and that really represents you.


Giorgia Donini’s concept behind her new mood boards

Giorgia Donini Lifeboards originate from a concept of living area that takes into account counseling techniques, colour psychology and in particular the characteristics of every room in the house. Inspirational boards are the result of this concept, conveying personal needs, desires and sensations through every detail. They have been created taking into account also the specific functions of each particular room and the actions that are carried out in those spaces.


Mood board examples in ArredoCAD Designer

Inside ArredoCAD Designer 2022.5 you can find some examples of inspirational mood boards created on the basis of Giorgia Donini’s lifeboards. From the kitchen with warm and activating colours for customers who search for creativity and concentration, to the lounge area with wooden elements and bright colours to show natural colours, playfulness and friendliness. To the bedroom in which each element, from decorative prints to materials and from colours to fragrances suggest privacy, dreams and passions. Each Lifeboard comes with descriptions related to the inspiration from which it originated and to the textures selected from the virtual materials library.


Learn how to create a mood board with ArredoCAD courses

To learn how to use Mood boards and how to create and present complete and innovative projects, ArredoCAD offers online courses dedicated to students and professionals. Professional courses held by certified teachers, in collaboration with MEM, can be accessed remotely live or watched as video courses at any time (the courses are available only in Italian). Here you can find some examples of courses offered by ArredoCAD Academy:

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