The new version of ArredoCAD 15 has been yet released and there are a lot of new functions and improvements. One of the most expected and interesting functions is the “drag and drop” one that you can use to modify colors and materials matched to the objects contained in the 3D scene in real time. You have just to drag the objects on the texture using the mouse. In this way you can show the client any customization or request he makes more quickly. Moreover, you can now show the client the 3D window on another monitor too, while you are working on your pc. The preview of the elements has been really improved (visualization of colors and hidden lines), as well as the lay-out of the “Select model” window.

For a more comfortable and intuitive design you can visualize the changes of dimensions in real time that occur when you move objects on which dimensions are automatically displayed. The option for automatic opening of the window “Macro element” with a simple click on the object is now available. At the same the “bitmaps in the scene” contained the material archive can be loaded remarkably faster. Besides, the element libraries of the new partners can be now downloaded online as external packs according to your design needs. Finally, you can change the measure unit used while working (from millimeters to inches).

The catalogues of different partners already contained in ArredoCAD, like Bauline and Migliorino, have been updated. In particular, the catalogue of the recently added partner Garofoli has been updated too, so that you can find new elements, accessories and parametric wood panels. Moreover, you can find new types of tall units, integrated sinks, hobs and accessories in the kitchen libraries. Regarding bathrooms sliding shower doors have been added, but new doors, handles, tops and washbasins are now available too. Among hundreds of new objects there are garage doors, sunblind and shop accessories to let your design be more versatile and complete. As to architectural elements you can find new types of beamed ceiling and roof pitches with dormer.