Many news from ArredoCAD Designer that in this incredible update offers you special functions that make the software more intuitive and professional.

The interface of the element archive has been updated providing a 3D colour preview of all objects contained in the libraries of the program.

You will not need to insert the objet in the scene to see the preview but you’ll just have to scroll up and down the preview objects directly from the archive and to select the desired one making your choice and insertion of elements faster and easier.

Besides the 15.000 textures already contained in the software, you will be able to insert and manage in few clicks round, rhomboidal or hexagonal tiles with a new random function.

During planning you can use the new Spline function to insert or delete reference points to create round walls.

During the end stage of planning with ArredoCAD 13.5 you can export the files in CMZ format together with all materials used in the scene.

ArredoCAD update provides you with a software that is able to meet the demands of a constantly developing market and that allows you a high customisation level as to project managing with a preview that you can show your customers always more realistic and detailed.