Interior design

The most popular 3D software for furniture showrooms in Italy


A library with more than 30.000 elements to design and furnish any space

Complete freedom in designing and customizing any furniture of any producer

ArredoCAD is greatly appreciated and widespread among multibrand furniture stores and all-around interior designers due to its all-in-one 3D software, able to work around all planning and designing needs. Vast libraries of modern and traditional models of all parts of the house (such as kitchen, living-room, bedroom, children’s bedroom, tailor-made wardrobe, bathroom, office, design items and architectural elements) allow you to virtually furnish one room or an entire flat.

The wide choice of elements such as doors, handles and other finishing touches, together with the possibility of customizing furnishing elements, allow you to reproduce the models of any brand or furniture producer. A series of dedicated interfaces helps to configure the measures of the ArredoCAD libraries and to adapt them to those of any catalogs of any companies.

This way you will no longer need to rely on different software provided by companies since a high quality preview of all furniture can easily be created in a few minutes  even for those manufacturers that do not have a 3D program.

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The designer can tailor and create any element, draw new ones or assemble already existing ones (structures, doors, shelves etc.), fulfilling the client’s needs in terms of space arrangements and furnishing taste. Furthermore, designers appreciate the automatic hooking point function of ArredoCAD, which makes assembling parts extremely easy and fast.

Various automatic functions in ArredoCAD allow you to save a considerable amount of time. Once your project is completed, the program creates an elaborated list of descriptions and quantity of the items inserted, process that will help you create accurate project estimates for the client.

At the same time, ArredoCAD creates all the technical prints of your furniture solution, all dimensioned automatically: plans, elevations, plinth and top diagrams, with the indication of the holes for the sink and the hob. The prints can be exported in various formats (jpg, pdf, etc.), they can be saved, printed, can be sent to the customer or to the assemblers.

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ArredoCAD provides unique tools to speed up your work.

ArredoCAD has several automatic functions that allow you to save a considerable amount of time.


Elements like worktops, plinths, backsplashes, household appliances, electrical, gas and water systems are automatically inserted by the program. Moreover, ArredoCAD calculates and measures cutting and adaptation of oddly shaped elements.


Tiling, covering and baseboards are automatically laid down and cut where there are doors, windows or openings. For every room ArredoCAD supplies you with detailed quantity and measurement of surfaces, volumes, covering material inserted, scraps and stored material.


Once the project has been completed, ArredoCAD automatically creates the corresponding technical prints and quotations of plans, elevations, plinth and top diagrams, with indications for the holes of the sink and the hob. It also creates a list of the items inserted into the design project for a quick quotation.

We started to use ArredoCAD in 2010 mainly to use just one tool capable to substitute the various software provided by furniture producers. From the beginning, ArredoCAD seemed to us the best interior design software because it combines perfectly technical precision and easiness.


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