Firstly, let’s enter “Wall management” that can be selected in the drop-down menu clicking on “Walls” contained in the upper toolbar or in the vertical toolbar on the right

You will notice that the commands in the left vertical toolbar will change substituted by the ones related to wall management. Select the command “Modify wall points”, that allows moving the position of a wall already created or modifing the measurements selecting and moving the corresponding vertices (one or more vertices).

By clicking with the left mouse button draw a window that includes all the 4 vertices of the wall and click again to select them (fig.1).

1 move.jpg (fig.1)

The selection will be marked by a red circle for each selected vertex. Press “Enter” on the keyboard, click on one of the circles and move the mouse to determine the direction of the movement. The selected vertices will be hooked to the cursor (fig. 2). Enter the measurement in mm of the movement, using the keyboard (fig.3). To confirm and end the operation press “Enter” on the keyboard.

2 move.jpg (fig.2)

3 move.jpg (fig.3)

The selected wall has been moved to the new position and the adjacent vertical wall is now longer by 1000mm. The objects connected to the relevant wall will also consequently be moved(fig.4) with the exception of the floor, that must be inserted again. If you would like to modify only the length of the horizontal wall, just select the 2 vertices on the right, drawing a window with the mouse and then move them to the right to make the wall longer, or to the left to make the wall smaller. If you would like to modify the thickness of the wall, just select two lower vertices moving them upwards to reduce the thickness or downwards to increase it.

4 move.jpg (fig.4)

If you would like to modify the height of walls that are already built, select “Walls” from the upper toolbar and then click on “Apply wall hight” to modify the height initially set (fig.5).

5 move.jpg (fig.5)

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