To decorate with white is one of the latest trends this decade. The space becomes luminous, airy and elegant.

When you have to decorate and design your home, the choice of the colour is vital. From walls to furniture, the tone of every element influences your way to perceive living comfort. Choosing white as design colour creates a relaxing and familiar atmosphere.

If you choose white, you can decorate classic as well as modern homes: neutral tones, like white or beige, can be used with every decorating style, in every type of room. Colours like these can let small rooms seem bigger.

Often white is used to light up walls and ceiling giving the impression that your house has become more spacious. Natural light should be the central element and you should take measures to let it become more intense using for example mirrors, big windows and open spaces.

If you choose an all-white design for your home, you can give a modern touch to the rooms and stress the essentiality of minimal shape. You just have to put together a parquet (in natural fir or oak) to create an elegant and classy design.

All white decoration makes coloured objects stand out, choosing vivid colours like red, yellow or contrasting ones like black; you can also use other materials like wood, metal or stone.

In the bedroom you should prefer natural fabrics like cotton or flax, that combined with white wardrobes or beds, create a feeling of greater lightness.

The software for interior design ArredoCAD Designer is a program for interior planning and decorating that allows you to “visualise” with a preview your design choices using the modern and classic elements stocked in the huge libraries and constantly updated by Dinamica srl with new models launched on the market.