A part from the playful features that social media can have, today they are a fundamental communication channel both for companies and professionals.
Social media allow you to come into contact with your customers and to develop and extend a communication net that, until a few years ago, was created indirectly.

Either you are an architect, an interior designer or a company that works in the interior design sector, you can make the best use of new and free channels.

6 Social Media for Architects and Interior Designers

1- Facebook

It is the most used social media by architects and interior designers and the most used social media in general. Nowadays it has 2 billions of users and there is no sign of this phenomenon is slowing down.

What can you do on Facebook?
For example you can share your projects and renders. This allows you to enhance the value of “your brand” showing your skills and creativity.
In particular, you can share your panoramic renders 360°. They are impressive, above all if you look at them with a Smartphone. You can find some examples in the gallery on our web site. In this way, you show your potential customers that you keep up with new technologies increasing your “value”.

2- Instagram

It has recently reached 1 billion of users and because it is a completely visual media it is the most proper social media for whom would like to public his/her own renders and projects.

Continuity and regularity are fundamental when you post, besides the targeted use of hashtags, that can help spread your message.
With Instagram you can post several photos at the same time. This could be interesting for example to show a project before and after renovation. You could, for example, post a photo of a bedroom, as it is now, and a render of how it will look.

3- Pinterest

It is a visual social media like Instagram, though less used. It is useful for interior designers and architects that would like to create their own portfolio of projects.
So, you could create a series of boards (publication areas) and share your projects according to categories: Renders for kitchens, bathrooms etc… Or photos of projects before and after renovation.

4- Twitter

Twitter can be used to keep in touch with your colleagues and to follow the most recent tendencies in the sector. You can use it to send rapidly informal posts and comments.
You can share your projects too. It is fundamental like in Instagram to use the right hashtags.

5- Houzz

Together with Homify, it is the vertical social media for the design world and professionals working in the field of furniture and real estate.
Through the platform you can develop a strong brand and a portfolio that can be visualized all over the world. An excellent tool for self-promotion. It allows companies, professionals and end customers to come into contact with each other.

6- Homify

It is very similar to Houzz. The biggest difference is that anyone – customer, designer etc. – can ask questions as well as answer them.
There, you can find people asking for suggestions about how to renovate and furnish their houses. More often answers come from professionals, that in this way can show their professionalism and, above all, come into contact with potential customers.