ArredoCAD is the partner of “Story of a transformation”, an innovative project of systemic and sustainable residential remodeling created from the collaboration among various entities having different skills: experts from MeM Bettina Bolten , (Biophilic Designer) and Elena Lucini (Environmental psychologist), the architect's office Lascia La Scia in Milan, the design materials of Makte and the 3D design technology of ArredoCAD, the rendering and the creation of a 360 virtual Tour of spaces.

The project focused on an effective remodeling of a flat located in the South-East of Milan, on the second floor with an area of 80 sqm and windows on a residential street. The flat belongs to two 60-year-olds who live here with their son who attends university and are facing a transformation period.

Interior spaces: the phases of the project

The architects from Lascia La Scia consulted with MeM on the topics related to Environmental Psychology and Biophilic Design after visiting the flat to be remodeled and carrying out a detailed analysis on the basis of interviews regarding the current and future needs of the inhabitants. They provided valuable suggestions for the creation of cozy, functional and optimized spaces able to ensure wellbeing and to satisfy the individual and percepted needs of adults during remodeling stages.

Environmental psychology teaches us that perception of space has a direct impact on the wellbeing and autonomy of individuals. Older people often have problems with eyesight and finding their way around , for example they could be disturbed by too many reflecting surfaces: dazzling lights and distortion can cause confusion and disorientation and even safety risks.

Biophilic design draws inspiration from nature and the connection of natural elements. It offers significant advantages for older people in the spaces in which they spend a lot of time considerably improving their quality of life. Putting together natural light, organic materials, plants and green environments not only makes spaces looking better but it enhances the wellness of body and mind of their inhabitants, stimulating the senses and improving the feeling of calm and peacefulness.


The contribution of ArredoCAD

A 3D interior design software like ArredoCAD, able to providephotoreal previewsof any furnishing solution and to modify the project in real time, has been a crucial tool in supporting and making the creative and the decision process of the team and of the customers more effective. It is possible to import DWG plans or 3D objects, making the work flow with the professionals working at Lascia La Scia extremely fluid and quick. At the same time material importing and editing ensure a direct and precise connection with the Makte materiotheque and a faithful reproduction of the surface characteristics according to the suggestions of MeM consultants. The final presentation of the project has been carried out creating 360 renderings of each room and then proceeding to the creation of a virtual tour that can be navigated online of the entire flat adding multimedia elements (environmental suggestions, samples of materials, project and product sheets, links to web sites).

Render BN-COLORE DEF4.jpg

Participate in the presentation of the project “History of a transformation”!

The project will be presented in Milan on Wednesday, 20th March at 6:30 pm at the architects’ office “Lascia La Scia Coworking Lab” in Via Carlo Boncompagni, 57: Book your free seat

The next presentation will be on Monday 25th March from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm with an online webinar on the platform of ArredoCAD Academy: free enrollment here