Before you insert an element into ArredoCAD, you have to select the “Working wall” to which you would like to match the element. From here you will be able to visualize the element also in the elevation view. To select the command “Working wall” click on that you’ll find on the left part of the upper toolbar then click on the wall side (usually the internal line of the wall) that you would like to select and it will become blue.

That means that now this wall has been activated: all the elements inserted from now on will be matched to this wall until you select another “working wall”. Clicking on the command you can visualize the elevation view of the “working wall” that is active at that moment.

If you would like to move one or more elements from one wall to another, select the “working wall” to which they have been matched using the button (fig.1).

(fig. 1)

Select all the elements in the plan or in the elevation view that you would like to move (fig. 2).

2.jpg (fig. 2)

Select the mode “Plan view” clicking on the command and then click on the command “Move element” on the left side toolbar. Click on a hooking point of the selected elements to start the move (fig.3).

3.jpg (fig.3)

Now click on the command “Working wall” , select the line of the wall to which you would like to match the elements and then click again on a point of the wall to carry out the movement (fig.4 and fig.5). The elements will then be visible in the elevation view on the selected wall and they will be properly and automatically oriented compared to that wall (fig.6).

4.jpg (fig.4)

5.jpg (fig.5)

6.jpg (fig.6)

If you don’t know the wall to which you have matched an element, double click on the element: in the Properties window you can see the number of the original working wall (fig.7).

7.jpg (fig.7)

Then click on “Walls” that you find on the upper toolbar and on “Wall number ON” to view all the numbers corresponding to each wall. To deactivate this kind of information repeat the same procedure selecting the command “Wall number OFF”.

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