Among the most successful marketing techniques used by real estate agencies, Home staging has become one of the most popular sales strategies in recent years. The objective of a home stager is to transform spaces so that it is possible to make them more attractive and capture the attention of potential customers more easily. In line with the principles of emotional marketing the goal of Home staging is to enhance real estate and speed up selling or renting. The success achieved has fostered home staging, first developed in the United States, and which recently spread to the Italian real estate market.

Using an advanced software like ArredoCAD Designer you can create and present your home staging proposals in a fully virtual way without spending money to set up spaces. If your customer accepts your proposal, your project could actually take shape. But which are the strategies to be followed to reach an attractive and eye-catching home staging project? Here 10 essential suggestions to amaze your customers right away.

Home staging before and after: suggestions to follow

Even if you present a virtual proposal it is necessary to bear in mind that the quality of your renderings is crucial as well as all the details that contribute to the creation of a harmonious space. In particular we suggest that you apply these strategies:

1. Create a moodboard of your project

As mentioned above, home staging can allow you to attract and involve customers as well as let your projects have an emotional impact on them. The first step to make a successful proposal is to create a moodboard on which you can present all the essential elements of the concept you propose, to the customer. Think about the emotions and feelings you want to evoke and let them inspire you to provide your customers with suggestions and ideas: the color palette, textures, shapes and atmosphere. This will be your leitmotif during the project development that you can take as reference for forthcoming decisions. With ArredoCAD Designer you can create a moodboard and also read theexclusive Lifeboard created by Giorgia Donini.


2. Restore neutral spaces

First you have to create a clear home staging concept for the real estate to be enhanced and then you have to eliminate all the things that are not useful anymore. Often the real estate to be sold is already furnished and still manifest the decisions as well the experiences of the previous owners. It is crucial instead that the properties evoke familiar and comfortable feelings in the potential buyers and that they feel they can reinvent and design spaces as they like. In the virtual proposal recreated on the bases of photos eliminate all the things that are not necessary. A real “decluttering” that can restore the neutral condition of the spaces that in this way are ready to be modified by new experiences.

3. Pay attention to the lighting in the space

After eliminatingwhat was not necessary, rooms will look more spacious and the house will become a sort of blank stage to be set up with new items. Before starting laying out cladding and positioning furniture you can further rationalize spaces analyzing where to position light sources in the different rooms. With ArredoCAD you can test several configurations in terms of spaces, environment and artificial light. You can position the different light sources and set light intensity so that your virtual proposals will be more attractive and interesting.

4. Remodel interior design with home staging

Home staging and interior designare not the same thing, nevertheless to enhance spaces it is important to focus on colors, cladding, furniture and design items. According to the concept you create, you can insert all the necessary elements into the project to make the best use of spaces and make them more eye-catching. We suggest following an essential style and proposing neutral and cozy tones unless you already know your customers’ taste. Too much creativity could be rejected if the design you propose is not in line with the customers’ tastes. Also in this case ArredoCAD can be useful offering a vast digital elements library that you can insert in your proposal.

5. Make the best use of cladding and finishes

When it comes to restyling spaces, an excellent strategy is to focus on cladding and on the details to make spaces more elegant and refined. To focus on finishes allows you to enhance the value of the house without filling it with new furniture as this will overcrowd the space and create confusion. Whether it is a country house or a city attic choose the cladding that express the potential of the building at best. Test different proposals preserving a cozy atmosphere, the capacity to evoke good feelings as guide lines for your design solutions. Creating your home staging project with ArredoCAD Designer allows you to choose from among an incredible vast range of options as well as the automatic insertion of countertops, plinths, claddings and floor coverings.


6. Enhance a comfortable and tidy atmosphere

For home staging you have to bear in mind that the first impact of your proposal is crucial. Take care tonot be too creative because this could create an unpleasant effect and make rooms look untidy. Those who want to buy a house would like to be able to observe all the details and aspects. So make sure that the elements that you have inserted do not obstruct the view or hide niches and structural elements that can attract customers. A cozy atmosphere is, firstly, an orderly space in which comfort and harmony envelope the potential buyer.

7. Use images and high-quality renders

If you would like your proposal to be effective, it is vital that the preview is photoreal and in high-quality. ArredoCAD has a high performing rendering engine that allows you to get a high-quality rendering also in 360 panoramic views in few minutes. Moreover, it offers excellent quality also in light and color rendering. Remember that the objective is to attract the customer at emotional level so the project you present should immediately achieve the objective.

8. Create a virtual tour of the real estate

Beside high-quality rendering also in panoramic view, bear in mind that you can create a virtual tour of the spaces you designed and share it with your customers. The ArredoCAD “Virtual Tour” plug-in allows you to create virtual tours and 3D navigation videos in high resolution connecting one room to another. The potential customers can navigate in the rendered scenes in panoramic view and feel as if they were inside the house as it appears in your proposal. An exclusive added value to present your design ideas with added effect.

9. Consider an alternative proposal

The flexibility offered by using a software for home staging like ArredoCAD Designer allows creating different design proposals to show the versatility of the real estate. You can also choose to create different design and decorations according to your customers’ wishes and needs. It is important that you have at least an alternative design solution so that you can offer an alternative proposal if your customer rejects your first project.


10. Share with a click

As in all marketing fields, the user experience has a big impact on the decision to buy products or services. Make sure that your home staging proposal can be easily visualized and navigated by users so that they will not incur unpleasant technical problems that could bother them. For example with ArredoCAD you can use the plug-in “Click&Watch to export your projects with a click without rendering and send a simple link to the customer. You can also add the link to the website of the real estate agency or to the data sheet of the house to allow customers to navigate in the 3D spaces. Users will be able to access using the most up-to-date PCs, smartphones and tablets without downloading any app or software.

As you can see, to choose a valuable home staging software is crucial to get an actually effective result and make the best use of the powerful impact that home staging can have. Would you like to find out more on the functionalities of ArredoCAD Designer available for real estate agents? Start the free trial now and test all the advantages for your business.