When you are furnishing your flat it is crucial to choose the right floor covering. If you can paint the walls again, you cannot not change floor covering so easily and rapidly. To make the right decision you have to consider some factors: your life style, the house in which it will be laid down, dimensions, maintenance and the height of the ceiling.

In small spaces we suggest you to use a light coloured floor covering in order to let the space be perceived as bigger. If you choose the same type of covering for the whole flat, this allows you to “enlarge” your apartment.

If you live alone or together with your partner, you can choose a softer and more delicate floor covering, like wooden floor. On the contrary, if you have children or you have pets in your house, the floor should be resistant and long-lasting.

Beside this, it is vital to consider where rooms are located, for example if they are near the garden. In this case, you have to use a resistant and scratch-proof material.

In the kitchen you should use a waterproof material and a not too delicate one, better if you choose some stain resistant tiles that could be cleaned very often.

For the night zone we suggest you to use a comfortable and warm wooden floor.

If you like to divide a very big space, we suggest you to use different types of floor covering.

The best solution, in aesthetical terms too, is to use different types of wooden floors, with inlays or tiles of different colours, that allow to divide visually the different house zones.

There is a plenty of materials used as house floor: Ceramic, wood, steel, stones, resins, cement, carpeted and PVC floors.

PVC floors have reached a wide range of colours and they are easy and rapid to lay down, easy-care and above all they can be used in modern design rooms.

Carpeted floors can be useful in very cold rooms. They are more insulating then other kinds of floors and it is comfortable if you touch it and it creates an cozy atmosphere.

Now the most used floor type is stoneware: this is a very resistant and long lasting covering that can look like wood, stone or other materials.

The interior design software ArredoCAD Designer is a program for interior design that allows you to plan any tailor-made design solution.

With the ArredoCAD update 13.5 the management of floor covering has been optimized. New functions and possibilities are dedicated to the insertion of round, hexagonal and rhomboid tiles.

Planning with ArredoCAD allows you to create a photo-realistic preview of your projects and to choose the best material for tiling and covering in every room.