An interior designer has a great responsibility not only in creating a functional environment where the client can live comfortably, but also in assuring a level of wellbeing connected to this space. Time spent at home should offer all the right conditions to recharge your energy and that’s why knowing Feng shui practice and philosophy can be very helpful for interior designers.

Feng Shui is a practice originating from ancient China and it is vastly known and applied in the interior design world. Every professional should know how to make the best use of Feng Shui according to the needs, space and taste of the client. When followed properly, it can help to create balance and positive energy in the surrounding environment that make living more comfortable and pleasant.

The interior designer should start with understanding the specific living needs of the client and then apply Feng shui philosophy and practice to organize and design the living space.

What is the best way to organize the living space of the client inspired by the art of Feng shui? First of all, listen to your clients, what are their thoughts on the position of the furniture and design items, while clearly explaining to them the advantages of Feng Shui in their living space. Here is where interior design softwares like ArredoCAD are particularly suitable and come in handy because with ArredoCAD you can create an immediate preview of how the room will appear and how it can change with each modification.

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Explaining the advantages of Feng shui clearly is the best way to help the clients understand how this practice can have a positive impact on their everyday life. For some, it may sound like an abstract concept but Feng Shui generates concrete benefits to the way we live. This philosophy is not only made up of concepts regarding order and harmony that organize every space efficiently, but it also takes in consideration the energy flow to support the specific use, function and activity of that particular space of your home avoiding bad feelings.

Practice Feng Shui for interior design: What to take into consideration?

Feng Shui decorating helps to balance the energy according to simple but yet efficient arrangements that focus on earth, fire, metal, water and wood. These materials are also reflected in colors and patterns. We all respond to our environments, which means a clear benefit to the rational use of the elements to make the client’s house unique. Let’s take a look at the main ones:


  • positive energy and the proper choice of colors have a strong impact on our health, mood, thinking and energy level in our home environment. For each room you have to choose the right color according to the function of the room: relaxing, working, sleeping. For example choosing a neutral yet enveloping color for your bedroom helps you fall asleep more easily and sleep better.


  • Have you ever visited a home environment with gloomy lighting or too exposed to sunlight? A good and well-balanced positioning of windows and light spots allows to make the best use of lighting for each space available and its intended function, for example a place for reading and working or a relaxing atmosphere and dimmed lights.

Interior space

  • Feng Shui focuses on the concept related to the rationalization of space to maintain a good energy and to let it circulate and flow naturally. This energy shouldn’t be stopped by a piece of furniture which is too big or poorly positioned, near entrances for example. This proper energy flow has great benefits and offers an overall wellbeing in the living spaces and homes.


  • According to Feng Shui each piece of furniture has a particular function and a specific placement position. The shape of design items and furnishing elements plays an important role where energy can be intensified, dispersed or even driven back, all these different outcomes according to the different shape used. For instance, the shape of a table: when designing a room, interior designers insert a rounded or a squared table but often they don’t pay much attention to which shape is the most suitable for the geometry of the room. Materials are also crucial: wood, metal or plexiglass can create a cozy atmosphere but used in the wrong context they can have the opposite effect.


  • Home interiors get a distinctive character also through a rational use of design items. For example, according to Feng Shui objects that help to harmonize energy can be largely used to support people reach their own internal balance when they are at home. Good luck charms are often used to foster a positive mood that plays a crucial role for successful design. ArredoCAD offers the possibility to add objects to your archive that are typical and specific for Feng Shui design and to visualize and move them in the project in real time. In this way the interior designer can promptly check what they have drawn and if that is coherent with the principles of Feng Shui.


Feng Shui can give the perfect atmosphere to the living room of your client

One of the main qualities of the philosophy of Feng Shui is the possibility to complement each room with right atmosphere and the right balance while harmonizing it with the rest of the house.

Let’s take the dining room as an example: It plays a vital role in every house because the members of the family meet there to share meals and spend quality time together in different times of the day.

To satisfy the living needs of the client you have to follow the concepts of Feng Shui in a coherent and proper way.

The first thing you have to do is separate the space so that the dining room is readily distinguishable from the living room and the kitchen, even when the client opts for an open plan kitchen and living room. Its particular function makes it a unique and important space in the house. It shouldn’t get confused with other rooms so that an overcharge of energy can be avoided, which otherwise could lead to discomfort when you eat for example.

In this case the table is particularly important because it is the furnishing element that has the biggest potential in circulating energy and helping to manage it.

So, it is important to pay attention to the shape of the table: the best shape to use here is a square table, which according to Feng Shui attracts the most energy. Each person seats at the table and have their own space, which is even to the space of other family members or guests, making for an easy and harmonious interaction and communication.

Carpets are also important in Feng Shui, perfect to complement the dining room, placed under the table and chairs. They should be big enough so that table and chairs can be positioned on it. Moreover, carpets harmonize space and create comfort, soften noise and make the room cozier.

As to colors and materials, neutral but also warm tones like cream white or ochre nuances combined to a wooden furniture can attract positive energy and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Some concepts and interpretation of the Feng Shui are far from our culture, however, they have proved to be true and valuable, which is why they represent a precious tool for every interior designer that would like to satisfy the requests of their clients in terms of wellbeing in the living space.

ArredoCAD is an interior design software especially developed to show the client a preview of what the home will look like by applying different design solutions, including Feng Shui practice and philosophy. ArredoCAD allows to visualize in 3D the living spaces in details and gives the opportunity to experiment, create and feel the emotions of Feng shui design.