When it comes to designing modern kitchens and getting inspired by the new design trends, you have plenty of possibilities to conceive and furnish this fundamental space in your house: in 2022 kitchens have become multifunctional and interconnected spaces where people not only cook, but meet andget to know each other. Emotions and technology, professionalism and a welcoming atmosphere characterize modern kitchens through an innovative combination of styles, colors and materials. How can you consider all these needs when designing a modern and functional kitchen?

Modern kitchen ideas for 2022: aesthetics, comfort and environmental awareness

As we saw at the Fair EuroCucina 2022 at Salone del mobile in Milan, the new kitchen design trends combine comfort and an elegant aesthetic research. Kitchen furniture with PC workstations for home office or retractable appliances can be used in creating a versatile space in line with new life styles. Many kitchen manufacturers offer apps and integrated smart systems to switch on the oven remotely, view the fridge or connect a hood or hob. The design of a modern kitchen is also characterized by elegant and compact shapes, monolithic islands, pure surfaces that hide mechanisms and unexpected functions. Sustainability and energy efficiency are now values which are indispensible . Concretely this means installing water purifiers, boilers and smart devices to limit consumption and waste.

Which colors to use to design and furnish a modern kitchen

Designing a modern kitchen using trendy colors means to prefer reflecting nature and its raw materials. The warm colors of the earth or of wood, from sand to terracotta alternate with metallic nuances (gold, bronze and rust). Stone or cement grey is best suited to the essential class of kitchens in matt tones , while black can be perfectly matched with other nuances for those who would like to create a depth effect through the furniture. Pure white is still trendy both with total white and combined with wood light nuances.


The materials to use for designing a modern kitchen

Among the materials to be used when designing a modern kitchen you can used the many nuances and textures of wood for cladding and furnishing. Marble and other natural stones are ideal to further enhance kitchens not only in work tops but also in details and finishes. To design modern, sustainable and natural kitchens you can use eco-friendly materials like cork or polymers created from recycling. If you like metal reflections you can choose gold, silver, bronze and steel, also in the corten version to create fine claddings. Stoneware is still the most used material for kitchen floors as well as resins and cement tiles, but wood and parquet is becoming increasingly popular. Glass is now used for doors and paneling with increasing success, above all combined with accurately designed lighting.

How to customize a modern kitchen?

There are many possibilities to design a unique and exciting modern kitchen enhanced by the hybrid way to conceive this space. The boundaries between kitchen, living area and office space are not fixed and stable. Cooking becomes a show that needs an audience. To customize modern kitchens choose equipped islands positioned so that guests can see the action or peninsulas to separate areas of different heights. Lighting is key factor when it come to designing kitchens. It is possible to create a warm atmosphere through well-positioned light sources and low consumption solutions.

Which program can you use to design a modern kitchen?

If you are looking for a software to design a 3D kitchen with all the details, you have to choose a program with advanced features to make the best use of your design skills and experience. ArredoCAD Designer allows you to design your modern kitchen creating a project in which every attention is paid to the tiniest detail, quickly and with the possibility of changing the characteristics in real time. ArredoCAD is the only tool that offers 8,000 3D elements for designing kitchens that can be modified according to measurements, size, textures and colors. Moreover it contains the design items of the most popular brands of Italian design. Among the numerous design features of ArredoCAD you will find:


Automatic creation of electrical, water and gas systems

ArredoCAD allows you to automatically create the water, electrical and gas systems of your kitchen together with measures and constraints. In this way you can save time and dedicate more energy to creative work, making sure that your project will meet functional and aesthetic needs.

Automatic insertion of objects

When it comes to designing a kitchen you need to insert many objects to make your project more realistic and your presentation to the customer more effective. ArredoCAD allows you to automatically insert all the objects you like with a click. Plates, household appliances, glassware, ornaments , food and beverages. You can also insert counter tops, hobs, sinks, shelves and wall units that can be replaced or moved at will later.


Unlimited customization options

ArredoCAD allows you to use your imagination to design kitchens and to use the many cabinet door style options as well as hoods models and other furnishing elements available. You can modify colors, textures and materials, create folders with customized materials and move elements from one folder to another using the drag-and-drop function. Thanks to the program features you can also present a kitchen quickly changing door styles and finishes to amaze your customers with more than one solution.

Interaction with RealTime Player

Once you have created your modern kitchen with ArredoCAD you can interact using the mode Real Time Player to present your project in the best way possible to your customer navigating in 3D in real time and in high resolution. With a simple click you can open cabinet doors and drawers, modify lighting as well as change colors and textures of cabinet doors in real time.

Find out all the features of ArredoCAD to design a kitchen and download now your free demo!