Are you asking yourself whether to use a 3D design software for your company? In the furnishing sector companies use increasingly competitive tools and technologies to manage the production and commercial area. For small and medium furniture manufacturers that do not have their own company software it is not easy to keep pace with their competitors. The same applies for their sales network: shops and furniture showrooms that have to offer their customers increasingly detailed and avant-garde experiences to balance the increase of online purchases. How can a 3D design software have a crucial impact on business sales?

Why is a furniture design software just what your company needs

A furniture design software allows optimizing all steps of the production chain saving time and money. With an advanced software like ArredoCAD Producer the advantages for furniture manufacturing range from conceiving design to the presentation to the final customer. Thanks to the high versatility and a wide range of functions and customization options, ArredoCAD Producer fulfils any production need.

3D furniture design taylor-made for your company

In the design phase ArredoCAD Producer allows freeing the imagination and designing customized furniture according to the needs of your customer. Each idea turns quickly into a high-definition render and each model satisfies all the parameters set out by the company. The software is customized according to the needs of the company who asks for it fully reproducing all the catalogues, codes, list prices and production rules. For each furnishing item it is possible to configure 3D components and the related codes to create a list of all or part of the components of the object. In this way the processes related to quotations, orders and design are automated avoiding errors in the case of customized furniture.


Furniture manufacturing with customizable technology

During production ArredoCAD Producer allows visualizing projects in both plan and elevation views making it easy to work. The 3D design software automatically creates the technical prints of worktops, frames, plinths, shelves, oddly shaped or special elements. Moreover the manufacturer can customize every characteristic or function of the software ranging from the configuration to the codification of items, from the calculation of oddly-shaped elements to the automatic insertion of the data into orders. The result is a furniture design and manufacturing program fully customized according to the needs of your company.

Dynamic and involving presentation and sale of furniture

Thanks to the higher quality of the 3D previews and the different presenting options to customers ArredoCAD Producer is a valuable marketing tool. Customers can know every detail of the models of the manufacturer, create previews of bespoke furniture items and even interact with them. The selling experience becomes valuable and unique allowing sales points and furniture showrooms of the manufacturer to stand out from competitors. For this reason the design software is very successful also among furniture resellers that can use a very advantageous tool.


Management of orders and of the sales network

ArredoCAD Producer is compatible with any management software for furniture manufacturing companies. This means being able to optimize the connection between the company and the sales network avoiding errors and speeding up processes. Once a project has become an order, a simple click allows importing the data related to the invoice, label and each package as well as other information automatically. Moreover thanks to the catalogues and price lists embedded in ArredoCAD it is possible to update the products catalogue with new available items. The communication between the manufacturer and resellers becomes fluid and transparent, avoiding errors and problems.

How manufacturers and furniture stores can use the design software

ArredoCAD Producer has an intuitive interface and it is very simple to use. Thanks to the fact that the design software is configured according to the needs of each company it is possible to ask for a customized video tutorial. In this way the producer or the reseller can easily learn how to use the software according to their needs. Moreover ArredoCAD offers personal training in the companies that will use the software with a bespoke course for the technical department.

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