If you design a space, how to position artificial lighting is fundamental. Focusing on this stage of the project means to stress the importance of the space available in the best way.

How to position light sources in the room/space

Lighting sources should be positioned according to kind and structure of the space available. This means that you have to take into account the dimensions of the room, the furniture and its position, colours, walls, sun light and above all the atmosphere you would like to create for this room.

According to the various functions of lighting inside the room, you have to choose different kinds of lights. All your activities in an ambient will need “its” light. So, it doesn’t deal just with where to position lighting, but also which kind of lighting you use. In this way you create harmony in the lighting design of your house.

The basic rule is to use warm tones in the rooms in which you welcome guests, and cool tones along corridors or in any other passageways.

Every zone has a particular lighting

For example in your home office you have to put an excellent lighting with a main light source and smaller ones to light work area.

In the same way in a kitchen, you have to consider a central light source, the lighting of the hood and light spots that light the hob and work top. The ideal solution is a softer and uniform light.

For relaxing rooms we suggest to use a soft and gentle light. The best solution should be wall lamps with an indirect light ray pointing at the ceiling, so that you can get a not too much intense but uniform light.

For your bedroom you should use gentle light. We suggest to choose a central light coming from a chandelier or a ceiling lamp as well as several light sources positioned in different areas of the bedroom.

For your bathroom you can use a central light source and a series of soft light spots to light the hub and the shower as well as other areas of the bathroom. The mirror should have a strong and powerful light.

In small spaces like corridors you can use light spots positioning them along all the length of the room. You can also use wall lamp that have a softer and gentle light, if you prefer.


Design the position of lighting in a room can turn out to be not so easy. It is fundamental to imagine carefully how the sun and artificial light is spreading out through the space in the various corners and areas of your house doing the consequent modifications to your project.

To imagine how the rooms will look with different design and lighting configuration, furniture, sun or artificial light as well as with different colours, it is crucial to use a software especially developed for.

With ArredoCAD and its rendering engine DRAY3, you can simulate different combinations and solutions getting immediately an image of the final result, that is thanks to photorealistic renders.