Black is the most elegant colour par excellence. An architect or an interior designer could propose his customer a black kitchen to let his house become finer and more classy.

You don’t see usually black kitchens, but this colour can have surprising effects and it gives a touch of elegance and uniqueness that are often goals when you are planning and designing a house.

How to choose a black kitchen

A black kitchen has a strong character, but it should be combined with other design items harmoniously. Black is a particular colour that can be useful to create a unique space in the room. It can be used for example to divide kitchen and living zone if they make up an open space.

If you can choose between glossy or matt lacquered finishing, we suggest you to choose the matt one. The glossy lacquered finishing is very charming but it could be very uncomfortable when you use it in a kitchen (because of finger prints and so on).

For the worktop you can use marble or granite that are precious materials and add value to your kitchen. Quartz and Okite are interesting materials and they are very resistant against stains, high temperatures and scratches, so they need little maintenance. From this point of view, we suggest you the worktops in Fenix, that are the products of nanotechnologies applied to resins of latest generation. This material is very durable and a self-healing material in case of superficial scratches.

Household appliances

If your kitchen is black, you should prefer satin-finished steel for household appliances, so that you create a contrast between the cabinets and the appliances in the kitchen. You could use also black appliances but try to find a balance to avoid a dark atmosphere.

Black kitchens should have a modern design and a high level of technology and they should be combined with minimalist furniture.

If you prefer a high marble top instead of an usual table, you could add black stools in eco-leather.

Floor covering

If you have a lot of space available in your house, you could try to choose a black flooring. If your flat is small you could choose light coloured tiles, like white or pearl grey.
You can use marble tile if you like a glossy effect. If, on the contrary, you prefer a matt effect, you can opt for stoneware (porcelain).
If you like, you can choose an old style flooring for your black kitchen, created with old or cement tiles of big dimensions.


Your house should be big and well-illuminated, if you choose the colour black for your kitchen. If there are big windows, open spaces and a strong sun light, you can get a really beautiful result. You can put lamps and light spots to let black show up, lit by light rays.

Some final tips

If you choose black for the kitchen of your customer, you have to know that this is a strong decision. Though, if you plan it in the right way, you can get the “wow factor”. Black is elegant and strong. It is a fine and essential colour. If you use it for planning your customer’s kitchen, he will be very impressed, for sure!