Decorating a living room means to create a comfortable and well furnished space, in which furniture and design items are put together with harmony and balance.

How to furnish and decorate a living room with style

The living room is the place in which you can relax and be with your friends. So, as an architect or an interior designer, you should choose materials and colours that will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Playing with colours and shades can help to reach the goal.

If you would like to draw the attention to some particular space or corner in your living room, the first thing to do is to focus on how to position light sources. These should happen according to the position of the chairs and sofas as well as dining table, so that you can grant that the lighting is uniform in the whole space. We suggest table lamp for its soft and warm light, but also ceiling lamps.

Curtains play a very important role in creating a familiar and cozy atmosphere. We suggest to use light colours like white or beige for more luminous spaces.

Sofas play a vital role in the decoration of your living room. So, it should be comfortable, big and have a beautiful design. You can add armchairs that could have the same colours and model or use an armchair completely different from the sofa creating a contrasting effect.

When you choose the sofa, you should prefer leather sofa, if you like that your living room looks modern. In this case you could combine wall items that could be use as boxes and one-colour curtains. For a classical living room, you have to prefer wood items, for ex. Arte-Povera finishing that draws the attention to the living room making it still more comfortable and cozier.

If your living room is small

If your living room is too small, you should find a way to let it look bigger and more spacious.

In this case, positioning design items becomes more and more important and you should choose functional and essential elements, so that you can focus on the space available.

You can choose light colours for example. Use light colours both for walls and curtains, as well as for carpets. This allows you to let the space be perceived as bigger. Regarding materials you can use design items made up of glass or transparent plastic.
As to items we suggest you to prefer round tables so that you can make the best use of the space available and choose a little smaller sofa, maybe a two-seater one.

Living room with cooking zone

Nowadays, it is usual to combine living room and kitchen in an open space. Flats are smaller than in the past, you use to cook less, and the problem regarding cooking smell has been almost solved.

Though the space to furnish is one space, this has to be divided into zones, that have each its own identity.

You can create a kitchen zone in 3 ways:

  • Using a colour that is different from the rest of the room
  • Using design items and furniture as separators (table with chairs, library, etc.)
  • Using a different floor type (ceramic tiles for kitchen and wood floor for the rest of the room)

In the end, we suggest you to use a sofa covered by leather or by eco-leather instead of normal fabrics, because the kitchen is very near to the living room.