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The new version of the ArredoCAD 2022 software is now available and from today you can download it from the internet. An update that you cannot miss, with new 3D elements, new functions regarding automations and an optimization of the material library.

A new way to manage objects and materials you should not do without

Every designer knows how long it takes to decorate a kitchen with 3D objects in great detail (with tableware, small domestic appliances, ornaments, food and drink). Anyway, Nonetheless details are essential to make rendering more realistic and eye-catching. Now with just one click ArredoCAD will automatically insert dozens of objects into your kitchen. It is possible to choose which elements you would like to decorate (base units, worktops, wall units, hobs and sinks). Once the objects have been inserted they can be moved, deleted or replaced as you prefer.


The material library has been fully reorganized and optimized with a new function that groups textures according to categories making searching as well as saving easier and quicker. Users can create folders containing customized textures and move them from one folder to another using the drag&drop function. The numerous cabinet doors available for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms are now grouped according to macrotypes to make elements quicker to find, as well as worktops, upstands and backsplashes that can be now searched faster according to new categories.


New automations, configuration masks and 3D libraries

A new partnership with Innodraw /Elcad has recently begun. This software allows the creation of 2D and 3D plans visualizing wall measurements obtained using the laser measuring device Leica Disto that sends measurements to ELCAD through wi-fi or Bluetooth. In this way the project can be imported into ArredoCAD with fixtures, constraints and measurements saving an incredible amount of time.


A lot of new automations and configuration masks make designing with ArredoCAD easier and quicker. These comply with the needs of a market in which attic rooms are increasingly used, and new cutting and opening options for windows in flat and sloping roofs are now available. Among the new assisted configuration masks – now much more intuitive and easier to use thanks to drawings and descriptive schemes for any parameter – you can find the configuration mask for inserting staircases (parametric staircases, corner staircases, 3 flight staircases, elliptical and spiral staircases), modular iron bookcases with shelves and the very useful mask for inserting railing for balconies.

As usual a great number of 3D new elements was added to the libraries. Among the partners of ArredoCAD, 200 new Flos lamps of were added as well as 150 Elica and Faber hoods and new components for the customized assembling of rustic hoods. New modules for containers, 4 types of door (available also for the kitchen model), wall paneling with horizontal wood strips and the previously mentioned modular iron bookcases with shelves as well as a specific configuration mask. 40 new accessories were added to the generic accessories, as well as 75 kitchen accessories, 5 railings for balconies and 32 outdoor gates.

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