ArredoCAD Designer 15.5 is now available after long waiting and the successful presentation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan last April. A version that is expected to change dramatically the rendering of your 3D projects thanks to an incredible time reduction (nearly 70% with the option Denoise). Now you can modify the point of view of the scene, insert light sources or change rendering and material parameters visualizing changes in real time during rendering process (without loading again the scene) and saving lots of time.

Moreover, for even more photoreal rendering, advanced preset values have been inserted in the Material Editor. They are very easy and fast to use, already optimized for a perfect rendering of mat, glossy, semi-glossy and metalized finishing as well as for colored glass.

2D Views and Prints have been remarkably improved too thanks the possibility to save in HD and the function "silhouette" with which you can eliminate object construction lines for a sharper and more elegant final rendering (in black & white or with colors). Among the new available functions and elements you can also find doors with central and side pivot as well as the function to eliminate door and window opening.


Beside an important update of the ELICA hoods catalog, you can find many other 3D objects that enrich and extend the already vast element library of ArredoCAD: chandeliers, spots , table lamps, standing lamps, and wall lamps, glass rail for stairs, radiators, 3D models, new sofa modules to combine and several new objects (pepper mills, boilers, roller shutter single box, buttons for flush toilets, pictures with parametric frame etc.).

For Kitchens two new types of doors are available (horizontal and vertical grain) and new tall units. For living rooms you'll find an interesting function for the creation of customized elements: you can choose the number of shelves to be automatically inserted into modules independently from the measure for the opening set in the configurer.

As to materials and finishings 124 Dekton and Sileston have been inserted, as well as 105 modern carpets and 55 modern pictures.

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