The brand new functions of this incredible update of the interior design software, ArredoCAD Designer 13.5, that is now even more professional. Let’s see some new functions!

Thanks to the update of the plug in VideoPath Plus that allows to create in a simple and rapid way a video for HD 3D navigation inside your project choosing the path and the final quality of the video. Starting from today, you can save and recall various navigation paths, add or eliminate some points in the path (spline) and edit the final video to export setting luminosity, contrast and colour tone.

The plug in Slide-Show has been updated too to get project presentations even more eye-catching. Besides that fact that you can lay out rendered images, views or technical prints of your project you can also save presentations not only as an executable file but also as a real presentation video in MP4 format.

ArredoCAD is a versatile tool specially developed for 3D interior design with which you can reproduce the models of every design solution create4d for your customers.

Thanks to the update 13.5 and the new functions of VideoPath Plus and Slide-Show you can show a project preview to the customer and create a presentation of your design solution in a very simple and professional way.

This is the reason why ArredoCAD is one of the most powerful selling tools, able to satisfy the needs of your customers as well as a constantly evolving market.