Who is working as a commercial, knows really well how the presentation of the product has a very big impact on selling.

This is a basic rule of marketing. A practice that has become more and more popular also in the real estate market known as Home Staging.

Like all marketing techniques, home staging comes from the USA. There it has been already used for several years and it is now adopted with big success to speed up real estate sale.

What is Home Staging?

It is a mixture of real estate marketing, interior design, professional use of colours and fabrics together with photographic skills. Home staging has the objective to enhance at best the presentation of a building/house/flat for sale.

With Home Staging you enhance and improve the house interior. This can be done directly in the room(s) presented, or simulated through a 3D interior design graphic software like ArredoCAD.

According to statistics available on the internet, Home Staging really helps to sell properties more rapidly. This is confirmed by an article of an Italian national daily business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore “With Home Staging homes can be sold in one-third of the normal time”. According to this article in fact, using Home Staging the time between presentation and sale, is reduced by 70%, that is to say from 7 months on average to 58 days.

With Home Staging a new professional figure: Home Stager.

What is Home Stager?

It is an interior designer or an architect with skills that interface with each other in the different marketing fields, in particular on the web marketing and in the social media marketing.

A professional that works combining interior design knowledge, photographic skills and marketing competence for the real estate sector to present buildings/houses/flats at best.

As the expression itself shows “Home stager” has to put the ambient on the stage with the objective to present it at best in order to sell it as soon as possible and with the lowest discount.

From this point of you it is crucial to have the possibility to change the interiors of the flat, stressing the particular details and potentialities of the project. In this way ArredoCAD becomes vital in this phase, that is to say propose design and renovation solutions.

In the USA the Home Stager is one of the central figure in the design sector. Who would like to sell a house contacts the home stager at first to prepare it at best for a possible sale. In Italy, it isn’t yet like this, but this professional figure is going to become more and more crucial also in Italy.

Home Staging and Virtual Reality

As we said before, home staging allows to reducing average selling-time of the property with an eye-catching presentation of the house.

An interesting and current way to present at best your house is undoubtedly the use of Virtual Reality, so that, from the beginning, the customer can see the interiors of the house.

For example, you could publish on Facebook a series of photo-realistic renderings of the different house rooms. You could create and publish a Virtual Reality Tour. It may seem difficult, but it is very easy, if you have the right tools.

Here what you can do:

  • Use the software of interior design ArredoCAD and recreate the rooms of the flat with a series of renderings that have to be very good lighted and well rendered, so that your project will amaze the customer.
  • Create a Virtual Tour inside the flat using the plug-in "Virtual Tour" available in ArredoCAD.
  • Send the link created by the plug-in directly to the customer’s smartphone or publish it on your website/Facebook profile. Here an example.

After clicking on the link that you have made available to your customer, he will be able to “navigate” inside your project.


Home staging is becoming an increasingly sought job. A high number of associations and courses, aiming at training and supporting this new professional of the real estate marketing, are now available.

Paola Marella is one of the most famous Italian home stagers and TV presenter in the Italian programs on Real Time "Cerco Casa Disperatamente" and "Vendo Casa Disperatamente".

Becoming a home stager is not so difficult. You must have an interdisciplinary training background and there are two important factors: interior designer skills and the right tools. Among such tools there is ArredoCAD that plays a vital role in the presentation of your project to the customers.