You can import pictures and textures in ArredoCAD from outside and you can apply them as finishings to furniture.

Click on ‘View’ and select ‘Materials Library’ in the toolbar. There you can find all the textures of ArredoCAD. Click on ‘Import’ (fig.1).



A window will appear showing the image to be selected for importing. The compatible formats are .jpg, .bmp e .png (fig.2).



The texture will be added to the folder ‘IMPORTED BITMAPS’ (fig.3). If you right-click on the texture you can also add it to the folder ‘PREFERRED’, duplicate it or open it directly clicking on ‘Material editor’ to modify the characteristics. (fig.3)



For a good rendering it is necessary that the image fulfills some criteria:

  • Everything that is not part of the texture (like frames, logos or similar elements) should be deleted from the image to be imported.

  • No matter if images show wood, decorations or imaginery elements: it has to have a long side ranging from 1000 and 2500 pixels and that it has to be ‘seamless’: the pattern of the texture should be cut so that it doesn’t appear discontinuous when the image is repeated horizontally or vertically (fig. 4).

  • Images with a solid color: generally it is sufficient to use an image with a long side of 200 pixels and seamlessly is not necessary.

  • As to luminosity and light exposure images should be as homogeneous as possible to avoid shadows and chiaroscuro when they are repeated. That is the reason way scanning is better than photographing.


The image imported with these characteristics is ready to be applied to objects using the different masks for changing textures and finishings available in ArredoCAD (‘Main model finish table’, 3D components of an object, Drag&Drop command, etc.)

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