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ArredoCAD helps you to create anything you can imagine.

ArredoCAD Designer


The ideal software for interior designers, architects, showrooms, home staging professionals and home remodelers that intend to offer their clients a 3D photoreal preview of the design and architectural solutions thought for them.



The fully customizable solution especially developed for furniture manufacturers that want to optimize their sales flow and have their products stand out by providing a cutting-edge and high-impact marketing tool for their sales outlets.



The ideal learning tool to complement any training programs, improve and enrich interior design courses, making them more competitive and allowing students to make an important hands-on experience, fundamental for any future job placements.


30,000 3D furnishing elements - the vastest library in the world

With more than 30,000 modular, parametric and customizable elements the library of ArredoCAD allows you to design any space, from furnishing a kitchen to creating design solutions for a hotel or a restaurant. A vast range of 3D furnishing objects and thousands of design items from our partners’ prestigious brands, reflecting the best tendencies of the moment and the Made in Italy quality.

30.000 elementi d'arredo
Why choose ArredoCAD

Why choose ArredoCAD

Easy, fast and intuitive

The powerful rendering engine, the performing rapidity and the user friendly features of the program allow you to show the customer a high quality preview of any design solution, making ArredoCAD Designer become an essential marketing tool and selling tool.

The 3D solution for all your needs

Target sectors

The vast 3D libraries and modules, the high level of customization, the possibility to create tailor-made elements or to import them from Sketchup, 3DStudio, in DWG 3D or OBJ format, all this and more make ArredoCAD the ideal design tool for any furnishing and architectural solution.

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How to insert a beamed ceiling

In ArredoCAD the beams of a flat or of a pitched ceiling can be automatically inserted. If the ceiling in your project is (half-)pitched, click on 2D Elevation view to be able to visualize the inclination direction during insertion.

Rendering: meaning and advantages for the world of interior design

Il rendering, un pilastro fondamentale della grafica digitale, ha subito una trasformazione epocale negli ultimi anni. Da un'attività inizialmente limitata alla generazione di immagini bidimensionali, si è evoluto in una tecnologia avanzata capace di produrre  Leggi

How to create an attic

To create an attic and, therefore, a pitched roof with ArredoCAD you can choose between two methods


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